There are 2 Remicone branches throughout Seoul as far as I remember, and there is one across Dongdaemun’s DDP area. Perfect treat to try on a hot, stroll day 🙂 This one is at Dongdaemun Doota Mall 🙂


It might look like seem like a normal ice cream shop to you.. I mean.. With stuff looking like this?


What’s new, right? What’s cool is their special menu which is shown below!


Cotton Candy on top of Vanilla Ice Cream! That’s a first for me! 😀 The rest are ice creams loaded with toppings and syrups.

Menu from what I remember:
[SPECIAL] Thunder Bomb ₩6.100
Half Half (Milk & Chocolate) ₩5.600
Half Half (Milk & Salted Caramel) ₩5.300
Custom Menu ₩5.800
Hawaiian Beach ₩5.300
Chocokok ₩6.300
Romantico ₩6.300
Macamelron ₩6.300
Honey Chip ₩1.000
Heart Meringue ₩1.000

I ordered the Thunder Bolt, and I felt like I bought it only for photo purposes lol It’s normal creamy ice cream with cotton candy on top. The taste is nothing to remarkable, the look is though hehe



Looks pretty cool, right? The thumder on top is like the typical sugar candy used for decorations, edible but no taste.

Overall, maybe I’d have my friends to try this once. Then after that… maybe try the other stuff I guess, but I can’t really see myself returning every now and then to buy this as an ice cream go-to. Worth a visit though, for photo purposes. It’s a laboratory-looking ice cream shop, so why not, right? 😀


2 thoughts on “[TRY IN SEOUL] REMICONE ICE CREAM 레미콘 아이스크림

  1. Lol it’s like your ice cream has Einstein’s hair.. sorry for stalking I just miss Korea and your blog is pretty entertaining 😀


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