Location: Line 2 or 9, Exit 3 @ Dangsan Station
Road12, Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul

This was quite of a walk from the subway, so stay warm if ever you will be visiting during cold days 🙂
Get off at Dangsan, exit at Exit 3 and go straight where you’ll have a CU Convenience store at your right. Walk a bit further and when you see the Office-Tel building, that’s pretty much where this restaurant is already 🙂

Basically, from the subway- walk straight ahead to the other end until you face the road, look to your left then voila!


This restaurant is a good visit, especially for those who are EXO fans. Or if you just want to have western food while you’re near by, then this is olay too. I am not an EXO fan myself, so I was clueless regarding anything about this restaurant before going here.

From the exterior, it is already obviously very Chanyeol haha My companion noticed how everything had his trademarks, from his birthday down to his slogans.



Upon entering the restaurant, not only is it very Chanyeol-ized again (haha) but it also has a good ambiance. It’s really like the type of place you would hang out at with friends to drink for the night. The interior design focuses on art and music, clearly evident with the paintings on the walls, the guitars hung around and the band set on the stage infront.

I thought I was only going to see little hints of EXO in the restaurant. I was wrong.

The menu has the group and Chanyeol printed on the cover, literally saying to your face how “EXO was here and Chanyeol alongside family owns this place.”

The photos of Chanyeol show those times wherein he dropped by at the restaurant. So, exo fans, you see where he’s sitting, right? Go for the same spot when you visit! Haha, kidding, don’t force it.


The menu starts with an introduction page talking about the performers and performances in the restaurant. A rule in the restaurant is that you are not allowed to take photo and video of the one performing, if there is any. I don’t exactly know why but the waitress reminded us about this as we entered.


The wifi password is Chanyeol’s birthday. How Chanyeol can this place get? Haha

Menu (not complete):
Nacho and Rice snack ₩10.000
Nut products ₩15.000
French Fries ₩15.000
Roasted Pollack ₩15.000
Beef Jerky ₩15.000
Baked Cuttlefish ₩15.000
Season Salad ₩15.000
Chicken Salad ₩15.000
Mixed Vegetable Chips ₩15.000
Seasoned Rice Cake ₩15.000
Pork Cutlet ₩15.000
Fried Chicken ₩20.000
Dry Squid ₩20.000
Canape ₩20.000
Seasonal Fruits ₩25.000

They also serve many different kinds of alcohol coming from various countries 🙂 Some are as of follows:

Budweiser ₩5.000
Cass ₩5.000
Kloud ₩5.000
Capri ₩5.000
Tsingtao ₩6.000
Hoegaarden ₩6.000
Heineken ₩6.000
San Miguel ₩6.000
Corona ₩7.000
Asahi ₩7.000
Guiness ₩7.000
Desperados ₩8.000
Cranberry Vodka ₩7.000
Orange Pineapple Vodka ₩7.000
Gin Vodka ₩7.000
Rum Vodka ₩7.000
Tonic Vodka ₩7.000
Jack & Coke ₩8.000
Whisky & Coke ₩9.000

Shown below is the Cranberry Vodka with the artistic background 🙂 Pretty good!


The staff were friendly and helpful. There was this one moment wherein the staff was turned back and I could only raise my hand to get her attention as she was talking with someone, so a man on another customer’s table called her for us. I only knew when I got home, that the man was apparently Chanyeol’s father. Photos of him surfaced online and I knew he looked familiar… he’s the guy who helped us! Very nice man 😀

As we ate our chicken, one guy staff went onto the stage and began singing songs 😀 I actually felt pretty special since my group and I were the only ones in the restaurant that time so lol thanks for singing for us haha. Everytime he ended a song, my group and I clapped for him because he deserved it, really.

After he finished performing, the singer went down and one of my companions asked the staff if she could borrow the guitar. After a few minutes of deciding, the staff took the guitar and brought it to our table! 😀 She didn’t borrow it because Chanyeol used and has a photo with it okay lol she’s really a musician so she wanted (or needed lol) to play the guitar.

Like mentioned earlier, the restaurant has a lot of guitars around. Most have signatures like the ones posted below:


The skateboard has a signature..


.. And so do the walls.


I once saw a photo of Chanyeol signing a specific guitar in the restaurant. I found the guitar and compared my height to Chanyeol’s height haha

He looked really chill as he signed it: his back was relaxed, his head was on level with the guitar, his arm was just extending outwards and wasn’t reaching up to reach the guitar…

.. Meanwhile… I… I had to reach and look up


Damn do i feel short lol anyway!
This is a pretty cool place to visit so drop by if you want to try anything new 😀 The food is considerably good and the drinks are awesome as well! 🙂 Plus, you get performers live on stage 😀 Visit from Mondays-Saturdays though as they are closed during Sundays 🙂



  1. I visited this place once… yes I’m an Exo fan. When i went there there were a lot of (fan)girls and the voice of the guy that sang was really nice. I thought it was funny that after serving they would sing and Chanyeol’s dad would be the one serving and taking orders. The chicken was pretty good there!


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