I am back with a quick and impromptu blog lol


Location: Ground Floor, Lotte Plaza, Cheongnyangni

How to get there: Get off at Cheongnyangni station, head over to exit 5. Once you exit, you will be greeted by Lotte Plaza and SinHan bank to your right. You will see The Coffee cafe by the Lotte Plaza entrance door near the bank.

There is something with me and cafes. I dont know, I always just feel like going to a cafe whenever I have the time to do so. It’s a nice place to relax at especially if the ambiance cooperates. So, when my barista friend messaged and told me to come over to where she works, why not right? I went and luckily scored myself a free drink.


Shown above is their Strawberry Smoothie. I’m not a big fan of neither strawberry and smoothies. Heck, I do not even drink any fruit related beverage. But this… This drink is amazing, in my opinion. Better than… *coughs* Jamba Juice *coughs* Anyway. This smoothie is my typical taste, not too sweet but still very tasty.

I also got a taste of their mango and yogurt smoothies, which were pleasing as well! The yogurt one was really good! 🙂

Like the drinks, the place is pretty nice too. I didnt get to take much photos as I was busy talking to my friend while she was on break. I kept telling her how amused I was by the store. There were many different types of coffee beans displayed, and there are robots and paints as decors too! The first photo at the top of this blogpost shows the cafe’s big, big chalkboard with doodles drawn by the manager himself! 🙂

Other than scoring a free drink, I also got gifted a cookie! Also my type of chocolate chip cookie. It’s not those kinds that are hard to break and nom on. This is really just in between being too hard and being too chewy. It’s perfect for me~


Last thing I could talk about is their drinks’ cup sleeve. Heh, it’s just so cute! I mean look at this. It’s pretty legit, isn’t it? Or… well.. For me, at least.


That’s it for this short and unplanned post for The Coffee cafe. Thank you so much to 혜정 언니 for inviting me! Be sure to visit her, you guys, she’s really nice and sweet. Also, tell her I refered you haha kidding. That’s it for today! Til the next adventure~


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