Location: Baekbeom Street, Mapo-gu, Seoul

How to get there: Get off at Sinchon Station. Leave at Exit 6 and you’ll be by a bank. To your right will be a splitting street. Head over to the left side of the split (Baekbeom street : 백범로). You’re on the right track if you see KEB Bank. Once you see it, just walk straight ahead until you see this. 8flavors is beside takoya chicken place.



This place is pretty famous, I dont know why or what for but it is. The stairway is filled with photos of… I’m guessing remarkable people… in this restaurant lol Sadly I wasn’t able to take much photos of this place since I was in a pretty bad mood when I visited. But oh well, I’ll update this when I get the chance to go back.


Typically, samgyeopsal is grilled as is, without seasoning and such. But at 8flavors, you get- taken from the name itself, flavoured samgyeopsal.

Even before your set gets served, you would already get presented a bunch of greens, sauces and soup by their international-speaking staff. Oh, and an apron heh


For ₩45.000, you get 8 marinated pork bellies and drinks. To name them from mildest to hottest:

-Pine leaves
-Miso paste
-Gochujang (red paste)


And because their hotness do vary, the mild ones are cooked first as so they would not mix up with the spicy flavours. After cooking, you wrap the strips with the leaves. Their leaves here are different than the usual lettuce. Their leaves have this minty hint and a (terribly) weird after taste to it. I dont know, maybe it’s just me and my cranky self but I did not really like the food.. The flavours aren’t my style and I would very much rather prefer the traditional samgyeopsal. Upon reading the marinate names on the wooden bar, I looked at my companions like…. What the heck did I get myself into.. It’s a cool experience if you’re willing to try new things out or if you’re into such flavours listed above, but I guess this just isn’t for me. Bad mood or not, I don’t think I’d grow into liking the flavours of their pork bellies. Sorry, 8flavours!


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