*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩4.900
SHADE: #3 Raspberry Scone

So, I was browsing at the Saem, and as usual- I ended up taking the longest at the lip products section sob I love lip products, and products that emphasize on care stuff always manage to reel me in completely. So when I saw this product, I just couldn’t let it and its adorable being go. Besides, it’s just 4.900…….. and…. I get free shinee stuff…….. hehe worth it-

The packaging is adorable. It has raspberries on the pink lid and lol the font is cute. The bottom of the packaging also has specs printed onto it. As you can see:



Lip Care Stick with SPF 10 and 4g worth of product. Is it good though?

The Saem has a few claims regarding this product. Generally, the three shades should have these characteristics:

1. It has a melting system, thus making it easy to apply
2. Not only is it a balm, but it leaves a pretty tint of colour too.
3. Because it is a lip care balm, it is very moisturizing.
4. The fruit ingredients will help nourish and keep your lips healthy.

As for #3 Raspberry Scone, The Saem claims that it is:

1. Light Pink
2. Sweet Raspberry Scent
3. Raspberry, Tomato and Strawberry are the key ingredients that will nourish your lips.

Sounds promising. We’ll see how it goes in a bit.

Moving on to the product itself. The container is like any other lipbalm, you twist the bar in order to lift up the product. The balm is of a light baby pink colour with some shine in it. Also, this glides on smoothly. It glides on better than my usual balms and Aritaum balms 😀



As for the colour The Saem claimed it to be, it is true. It is a light pink shade, quite sheer but it is buildable if you want more colour and tint on the lips. The more layers, the more evident the pink tint left behind 😀 My lips are quite pigmented, so I put more than a single layer so the pink really shows hehe

For the scent, it definitely does smell sweet, but since I don’t know what raspberries smell like… I can’t vouch for the “Raspberry Scent” that The Saem claims this product to have. It smells like sweet candy, and the scent is not strong. It’s a very faint smell that doesn’t bother me, and the scent leaves after a while of being applied anyway.

The moisture level is really good. I have dry and easily chapped lips, and this helps me big time. I’ve been using this for only 3 days but the change and result is already much evident. This keeps me moisturized enough without it being too heavy or sticky on my lips. I don’t go over 3 times of reapplying in a day. Reapplication for me is not that needed.

Another true claim is the tinting power. This balm keeps my lips both moisturized and tinted. Like mentioned earlier, the tint left onto your lips would depend on how much layers you put on. As for me, I apply 2-3 layers depending on how strong I want the balm colour and tint to be. The colour of the tint is exactly the same as how the balm turns out when applied. After a round of eating, drinking and wiping of the lips; my lips still are tinted and looks moisturized.
For today, my first application was on 8am. It is 5pm now, I’ve only used the product twice this entire day, and heck yes my lips are still tinted evidently.
Here’s to a good tinting power!

A photo below shows the colour build up of the balm. Starting from left to right, I’ve swatched 1 layer of balm, 2 layers, and then 3.


I like the colour of 2 and 3 layers! It looks shinier on the lips, but I dig glossy ones over matte types 😀 There are some days wherein I apply just 2 layers, and there are some days wherein I apply 3. Depends on my mood for the day hehe. Despite it sounding like a load of heavy layers, it does not feel heavy at all. Again, weight wise, it is light and not sticky for me.

However, drinking water or talking a lot might result to having a white line at your inner lips. I dont know why it happens, but you could always wipe the line off.

The photo below shows the swatch on my lips. I applied at around 12.45 noon, and the photo was taken a few minutes past 2pm. I remember because I applied before class and took a photo once the class ended hehe. Considering how I talk in class, it still looks pretty good 😀


You can still how it is still shiny, right? At my lower lip, you see how there’s already two colors? The light pink at my inner bottom lip is a mix of both natural and balm colour, same goes with my upper lip. The outer area of my bottom lip is still mostly just the product alone. I guess that’s the result of always tucking in my upper lip then rubbing or popping my lips against each other when bored lol
But don’t worry, even if the balm colour fades, your lips are tinted anyway 😀

Am I the only one whose lips get pinker when the lips are well cared for? That’s how I knew this product is doing me wonders. As for me, when a product is good and my lips get cleaned, my lips tend to turn pink-er. With my usage of this balm, my lips turned to a better condition after my bad habit of picking on dry and chapped lip skin. Despite the hours and lack of water for a period of time, there still is moisture, thanks to this.

*The white specks/dots on my lips are due to the lighting hehe*

I don’t have a photo of the tint stain left on my lips after wiping, but I can definitely vouch for the fact that 2 or 3 layers can leave a tint on your lips 😀

I think the only con is that when you apply layers and you have quite chapped lips, the pink colour kind of accumulates on the rough patches. It does still glide on smoothly, it’s just that the pink hugs the rougher skin after some time.
That problem happened to me the very first time I used the balm, but everything is much better now as compared to before. I still have dry spots but they’re incredibly lesser and less prominent now. I dont think the dry patches issue would be a problem after some constant care though, so this con wont probably stick to me long 😀

Overall, I adore this product. 5 out of 5! I would repurchase after finishing this up! In my opinion, this helped me more than the Etude House Lip Care and The Face Shop Lip Care sticks did 😀

Til our next exploration ☆ 유리랑 같이 시도해용!



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