*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩25.000

Okay, I have to admit, I’m not a hand cream type of person but since this is SHINee…. I can consider trying lol
Even if SHINee is my main group, this blog will remain honest and unbiased. Cons, if any, will be pointed out no matter what brand.

Before I get started, allow me to let out my random, irrelevant thoughts-
1. Can I just say how cute Taemin is on the box though like ???? really ????
2. I have no idea how I’m going to use these all up but I will be kind to my hands and give them some loving pampering
3. It was kind of embarassing buying this lol Like “Hello, Ms. Saem Worker, look at me buy something with SHINee on it. I’m totally a fan.” ………………. really…..


Starting from the exterior. I already showed the front part of the box which has SHINee on it. But hey, the back of the box has prints as well!

What I like about The Saem is they make sure to translate in order to cater to international people. I mean, I understand the Korean and English, but still thank the heavens, the stuff are translated for others.


See, it has Japanese and English! Nice job, Saem!

I’ll zoom in to the text and translate the untranslated Korean statements hehe


The text above basically states the members’ chosen scents. Each handcream tube also contains 30ml, which… I guess lasts long enough lol.
Onew: Pure Fruity Wood Scent Moisturizing Cream
Taemin: Modern Powdery Floral Moisturizing Cream
Jonghyun: Sensible Citrus Floral Moisturizing Cream
Minho: Dreamy Floral Musk Moisturizing Cream
Key: Delicate Spicy Vanilla Moisturizing Cream

Then I realized…. I didn’t have to translate…….. since there’s an English at the other side…. But it’s okay lol my translation is somehow more specific. Ahhh, I should read boxes first next time


Moving on to the inside. So, the box of handcreams come along with messages and bookmarks inside.

The messages printed on the lid are like the explanations as to why the SHINee members’ chose their certain scents.


Unfortunately, the bookmarks are only one member and not the whole group.


And then, once the bookmark is taken away….. Tada!!!


Hold on, let me take that close up!!


Their signatures are printed onto the tubes! With their faces! I’m– ????


In honor of the glorious Taemin (and taechest)


So the tubes themselves are like any other hand cream tube. Plastic, squeeze to dispense, hole on the top like so:


All 5 creams are of the same colour and consistency. It’s really just the design and the scent that differs from each one. It’s probably also just the design and the scent that makes this special lol

Shown below are, left to right, in the order of Onew – Taemin – Jonghyun – Minho – Key


The creams are of just the right consistency. Not too thick, not too runny. But despite that “neutral consistency”, I do find myself using quite an amount of cream, because a little still doesn’t go a long way in my case. Pea-sized and a half drops of cream for me. Or maybe that’s just because my hands are big? Probably.

Even so, it does pretty well in moisturizing and my hands do get softer and smoother from this. The scent, generally, starts of really evident and it sticks to your hand for about 10-35 minutes. Then it fades away. I’ve read someone say it takes long but??? It didn’t reach an hour for me sob Probably because I work and my hands get busy sigh (and my hands get sweaty sometimes eek)

Also, hooray hooray because it doesn’t get sticky at all!

For individual scent reviews…

I’ll start off with Onew.


Fruity Wood…

At first sniff, I thought of it as simply just fruity. The wood-ish scent is really faint. I found that the fruity scent overtakes the “wood” (which I think is more of musky) scent, only when:

1. you smell it from the tube
2. during the first few minutes from application

As it warms up into your hands, the fruity scent dies down and the remaining scent would be the really faint wood scent. Overall, this does quite live up to its name for some time.

Second is Taemin.


Can I just say how happy I am that Taemin’s scent is powdery because I love powdery scents ugh

What makes me even happier is that the Powder scent overtakes the floral one, thus making the cream have a gentle scent. It’s not so strong on the nose, thank god. After comparing all, this one is alongside Key’s when it comes to having the longest scent power on my hands, which is around 15-25 minutes before fully fading away.

Third, Jonghyun.


This one is definitely a Jonghyun scent, I tell you. It’s so gentle but manly at the same time. The scent is more of citrus, specifically lime-ish orange-ish in my opinion. It smells like a sweet citrus man perfume lol I’m not that into men scents, specially the strong ones, but this is okay and I like this scent. The scent fits a loving, and at the same time, tough kind of guy lol There’s a relaxed and gentle main vibe to this, with a little manly scent lingering in the background.

Next up is Minho


The first thing that I remembered upon smelling this are the flowers being offered to churches lol I dont know what you call them, but generally holy flowers have this scent. Rosaries share that certain smell also! Both the flowers and this handcream are quite strong-smelling and really, really a mix of both floral and musk. Not my style huhu

Lastly is Key!


The most long lasting scent! At around 25 minutes, the scent is kind of faded already. True that the scent is spicy vanilla. It’s really vanilla with a small twist. The spicy scent is surprisingly balanced with that of the vanilla one’s. The others usually have an overtaking scent, but this one in my opinion is really nice and balanced. I think Key’s candle collections would have scents like these, no? I do kind of see this as his style. Well chosen though, Key!

Now I have 5 handcreams to use up for the coming cold months hoho



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    1. hello hello! thank you so much for reading and the kind comment! 🙂 i have more the saem reviews but i haven’t gotten the time to post them up huhu and aw, being an intl isn’t that bad ^^; being in korea has downsides too hehe


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