Location: Daehak, Jongro District, Seoul
*They also have a branch at Sinsadong!*

How to get there: Get off at Daehak Station and exit at Exit #4. Upon exiting, you will be greeted by a starbucks. Turn left and walk down the road.
You should see a New Balance store and an Aritaum ahead. You’ll pass by Bingsfong before getting to those two stores mentioned earlier.


Bingsfong is a dessert cafe, not only in Seoul but spreadout through Asia as well. Their specialty is Bingsu (shaved ice dessert), but they sell other desserts and beverages as well just like how any other Korean cafe does. They even have ddeokbokki in their menu!


Bingsfong has a variety of bingsus but I’ve only tried three so far. I have tried the InJeolMi Bingsu, Milk Snow Bingsu and the Chocolate Bingsu, and the chocolate one is my favourite!

Chocolate Bingsu: small ₩8.000 | large ₩13.000
InJeolMi Bingsu: small ₩7.000 | large ₩11.000
Milk Snow Bingsu: small ₩7.000 | large ₩11.000
Strawberry Bingsu: small ₩9.000 | large ₩16.000
Mango Bingsu: small ₩9.000 | large ₩13.000
Blueberry Bingsu: small ₩9.000 | large ₩13.000

Variety of Juice: ₩5.000


Let’s begin with my favourite.

This chocolate bingsu has four types of chocolate as toppings. I dont know what exactly they are, but there sure are a variety!



Did I say they’re toppings earlier? Scratch that. The chocolates are found sprinkling over the shaved ice AND in the middle layer of the ice mountain. Yup, there’s chocolates inside the shaved ice too. Look how heavenly that is.

Next is the InJeolMi Bingsu.


InJeolMi has soy bean powder coating it and almond flakes. It’s very popular but I don’t really fancy beans so much. It’s worth a shot though 😀

Lastly, the classic Milk Snow Bingsu.


This one has the usual red bean and fruit slices. Like the chocolate one, the middle layer of this has something as well. The middle layer has more red beans 😀 The ice is milkier than that of the rest, but they’re all shaved the same way hehe


The ice is well and finely shaved, and is very soft that it melts quickly in your mouth. These bingsus make a good choice for dessert, for summer time especially! If you have these around your place, or if you’re visiting, give it a try! 😀



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