[REVIEW] ARITAUM HONEY MELTING TINT #9 PEACH CRUMBLE & #S16 LADY DESSERT 아리따움 허니 멜팅 틴트 #9 피치 크럼블 #S16 레이디 디저트

*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩8.000

Somebody stop me from buying balms that are nearly the same colour, oh my goodness ㅎㅅㅎ


Okay based from the packaging’s colour, they don’t look so alike. One is more red, the other is a bit more orange. But the balms… You’ll see.

The shade colours are written at both the back and the bottom. The one at the back is in English while the one at the bottom is in Korean.



Like Innisfree’s Eco Flower Tint Balm that I reviewed earlier on, this one doesn’t come with any box. It only has a plastic seal, which I just ended up pulling apart instead of tearing off lol


The packaging is the basic plastic with a rolling mechanism to have the balm to move up. Really light-weight and easy to carry around. Packaging-wise, this is good. It’s a lot simpler than some other balms, but I like it, and this one doesn’t roll around as easily as others do.

Moving on- Let’s talk about the balms.


Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that their colours are nearly identical 휴 ㅅ 휴

Peach Crumble is from the original line, while Lady Dessert is from their Summer Special.

Even so, I think both colours are perfect for the summer. They’re both coral, but one leans towards the bold-pink side while the other goes more on the orange. There isn’t really much difference in the colour and it isn’t very noticable, unless you shine bright light onto it.

Anyway, Aritaum claims that these:
– Are 2 in 1. Lip Balm and Lip Tint in one
– Have collagen to fork a barrier and prevent smudging
– Melt onto your lips like honey
– Long Lasting Pigmentation
– Vivid colours that you can apply as a gradient or a full-lip coverage
– Has floral ingredients

This is exactly like the Innisfree Eco Soul, except this is pricier by a ₩1,000.

Generally speaking, I think the claims and actual results are 50-50. I prefer the Innisfree one over this, performance wise and price wise. Why?

1. True that this is a lip balm and lip tint. But this feels heavier than the Innisfree one.

2. Honey Melting Tint isn’t that long lasting and I have to reapply every after drinking or eating. That’s pretty normal, yeah, so I guess that’s fine and this does leave a tint anyway so meh.

3. Honey Melting Tint tends to form some film at my inner lip.

4. Honey Melting Tint looks so thick and it looks like I have cream on my lips when I apply this.

!! Exfoliate your lips prior usage because this does accentuate dryness !!

But other than those,
-Moisture-wise; this does pretty good.
-Melt onto lips like honey; yep, it’s true! It does glide on smoothly! But like honey, it does turn out thick and sticky too.
-Pigmentation is also good.

Now for individual swatches:

#S16 Lady Dessert


This is a coral colour with more of the pink tone in it. This is also darker than Peach Crumble. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention! Since Honey Melting Tints are really smooth, the edges will crumble if you don’t use it gently. It will also melt if you have it in hotter environments. Any balm like this has that tendency to be weak. So keep and use this safe if you don’t want a messy bullet.


#9 Peach Crumble


I don’t know if you guys can see or notice, but at the upper left area of the balm, a part of it looks flatter and sunken. That’s because I wasn’t gentle enough and the balm crumbled down lol

Anyway. Peach Crumble is another coral shade. The difference this has from the Lady Dessert shade is that Peach Crumble is more of orange and it is of a lighter shade. Performance-wise, they’re the same. Moisturizing, creamy, heavy and sticky ladidada~ Even the colours are nearly identical! Can you tell the difference from the bullet though?


For swatches, I used both normal lighting and with-flash. It’s only when the flash came up that the difference between the colours showed up fully.

Natural Lighting:
Upper: Lady Dessert (1 layer – 2 layers – 3 layers)
Lower: Peach Crumble (1 layer – 2 layers – 3 layers)


Both looked very pink-ish coral that’s nearly the same shade in that light. But with flash:

Upper: Lady Dessert (1 layer – 2 layers – 3 layers)
Lower: Peach Crumble (1 layer – 2 layers – 3 layers)



You can now clearly see the difference and how Lady Dessert is much darker and more pink as compared to Peach Crumble.

I somehow regret my colour choice for buying but oh well, I’ll probably go to another Aritaum and test out more colours. I don’t exactly like the consistency and the feel of it, but maybe I can hold it in if I see a colour that I like lol


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