*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩7.000
BOUGHT FROM: Innisfree


This product doesn’t come with a box, it’s only the tube with the brown sticker seal. And heh, I haven’t peeled mine off, I just pulled the cap and tore the sticker. Anyway- The tube is made out of plastic, like the usual, and it is very light weight and easy to carry along.

Product details are written at the back in Korean, but those are just the basics.


Upon opening, there goes the simple white tube and the pink tint balm.


Camellia is a very smooth, bright pink tint balm.  Allow me to talk about the features first before diving into the colour.


So Innisfree claims that this:
-Livens lips
-Contain rose water, rose hip oil, and acacia collagen for hydration
-Has vivid colours
-Melts upon application

It’s pretty much like a Honey Melting Tint for a cheaper price then lol

But hey, their claims are true.
-It is moisturizing despite it being a tint, and I’m fine with using this alone everyday because it keeps my lips hydrated enough
-It does give your lips some life
-It is not like Honey Melting Tint that feels nice to apply but is sticky afterwards.This one doesn’t feel sticky at all.
-It does apply and glide on smoothly BUT since it is so smooth, it is soft and some areas do crumble down in and when used in hotter environments.

As you can see below, my balm is already weirdly shaped and the edges aren’t as perfect as they were. Everytime an edge crumbles down, I just take a napkin and try to even out the balm again lol



Now on to the colour.


The swatch goes from left to right. The left being just 1 layer, the middle being 2, and the right most having 3 layers of tint balm.

You can see how vivid the colour is even with just one layer on. One layer already gives your lips a pop of pink. But if you want more, it is buildable and you can have a much brighter shade as you please. This is a well pigmented tint balm and I don’t think it would fit a natural no-makeup makeup look, unless you just dab it on really lightly. I’m serious, this is too bright for a natural look. And it’s going to look weird because your lips would be popping out while the rest of you looks bare. Just. Apply very lightly or choose something else if you want something natural.

Also, since it is a tint, I tried wiping it off to see how it would do.


There’s still some colour left behind! After wiping it with a dry pad, I tried wetting the pad and wiping over the area again, but the change isn’t very drastic. There still is colour left behind. So, tinting power, it’s an A+

Overall, I do like this better than the Honey Melting Tint. This one moisturizes without leaving a sticky feeling and it lasts a couple good hours. The only cons are that it kind of clings onto the dry areas of your lips, thus highlighting them; and the balm itself really is so soft that it would break easily.


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