*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*

PRICE: ₩9.500

Okay, in all honesty, I only bought this because of the bamboo design lol It’s quite cute. I still have the “The Saem Mojito Mist” and that Mojito one is much more handy packaging-wise, but- Having another mist won’t be bad so lol I gave it a shot! Plus, I’m often visited by zits when my monthly ~struggles~ pass by, so might as well lol


As you can see from above, the bottle is pretty damn big. The packaging is made out of plastic and carries 100mL of 100% Bamboo Extract product. “100% Bamboo Extract instead of Water”..? Hmm.. Oh well.

The design, the text and the little dewdrops are all just printed onto the bottle. Packaging wise, it’s a 3 out of 5 for me.

Minus 1 because that’s pretty huge and it doesn’t fit my makeup pouch
Another Minus 1 because the plastic cap isn’t very durable. Yes, mine broke and has a crack already.

But never mind the packaging, let’s go to the mist itself. Shown below are the ingredients, in case you want to know what they are. The ingredients are printed onto the box, and once I read them, I instantly knew that this really was for skin relief. This contains Teatree, and Teatree is well-known for its soothing nature.



The photo of the bottle earlier doesn’t really show much of the details, so here it is. Branding and details are printed on the bottom, dewdrops are printed at random areas.


The top of the cap has the logo of The Saem and I find it pretty cute lol I don’t know why, but I like it and it amuses me.


At the bottom of the bottle is the expiry date. You have three years to finish this up. But really, would you take that long?


The spray is like any other. Except compared to The Saem Mojito Mist, I think this Fresh Bamboo one spritz less and smaller drops.



The Saem claims this to be
-Relieves inflamed areas

I use three sprays of this to cover my face, and it is quite refreshing. It is also moisturizing enough and it settles on your skin without leaving a sticky feeling. Calming; scent-wise yes, but acne-wise I can’t really have a say on this yet.

The scent, by the way, leans to the floral side because of its ingredients. It’s nothing too strong or disturbing. In fact, it’s pretty light that 3 of us who tried to pinpoint the scent took quite a while figuring it out. When you smell it though, it is pretty nice in my opinion.

As you can see on the next photo below, it spreads very evenly and doesn’t clump or settle as drops. It isn’t like water that lands as droplets. With this being a product that spreads evenly, it only means that the product gets absorbed better for better results.


I do notice how my skin looks slightly brighter and better after using this for some time, and it is quite calming for the nose- However, I can’t vouch for the inflamed area relief aspect just yet since I haven’t been getting terrible acne (thank the heavens), but if you are struggling with skin problems and you want to try a mist, this is worth a shot!

Overall, comparing this to the Mojito Mist, I think this absorbs better and has a better finish-look.

It might not be as lively/excitingly refreshing as the Mojito one, but that’s only because the type of refreshing this brings is the calm one. Do you get what I mean–

It’s like mojito is the “Ah, I’m at the beach smelling the ocean breeze with my friends” kind of refreshing, while this Bamboo one is the “Ah, I’m finally at a silent and relaxing spa after a long day” kind of refreshing.

Lol I’m not making any sense but yeah, this is more gentle. I don’t regret buying 🙂



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