[LIFE] A DAY WITH YOO RI 아침 일상 @ 경기도

Hello! 😀 How’s your Sunday so far? It’s a beautiful and slow Sunday for me~ While I was thinking of this blog, I figured that I should have a post that would help you know me better. Also, since this blog guides readers around life in Korea, I guess this post could be a contribution to that too hehe

I love Sundays because I could wake up late ㅎㅂㅎ My weekdays start really early as I am a university student, so does my Saturdays because I dedicate that to school work and blogging. Sunday is my only free day 휴 ㅅ 휴


After getting off the bed, I stretch, wash up and do my skincare routine, with this calming view infront of me hehe Love how this compound has a lot of nature between buildings~


Then I chill and sometimes do photos for future blogposts in the living room. My dining table is there and it’s the typical low Korean table, that’s where I eat and do work~ Beside the desk is another big window with a nice view ♡


The weather is pretty good and there was no one at the playground so I decided to go down and accompany someone to the playground.





After a while, I decided to go out to roam around…… and go to Seoul to roam around and find good buys for reviews….




And now, here I am… blogging as I sit and wait to get home.

.. And my wallet only has this left


Lol such shame. But yeah, expect a ton of The Saem reviews the next few days! 😀

Oh and! I was thinking of collaborating with fellow beauty bloggers here 😀 Doesn’t matter where you are, just comment down below 😀


17 thoughts on “[LIFE] A DAY WITH YOO RI 아침 일상 @ 경기도

      1. heheh yes it’s a make up pouch! :p I will get all photos taken on Tuesday and possibly post the same day or a day close by!


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