[LIFE] DANCING IN SMTOWN 에스엠타운 연습실에서 트레이닝을 받았다

Alongside beauty products, it is also dancing that receives all my love, time and attention.

I’ve been dancing since I was in elementary, and I’m in university now. In that long time period, never did I stop dancing. It has always been my passion and stress-reliever. Whenever there’s an opportunity to dance or perform, I will grab it.

For my blog post today, I will show you SMTOWN’s Dance Practice room.


It may seem familiar to you as SHINee and Red Velvet mostly have videos in here. Before going into the dance room, here’s a photo of the changing room hehe. It’s really small..


My legs look so weird and short there due to camera angling but oh well..

Moving on-

This is the dance practice room:


Please don’t mind the people in the photo lol 진희슈퍼바이저님 수연 선생님 안녕 ;ㅈ; ♡



The room is a lot bigger in real life. They’re also air conditioned so it won’t be while dancing hehe. I placed my things in the lockers which have random artist stickers on them, and the lockers is where the sound equipment are stored as well. The sound equipment are really good and deliver excellent quality.

I focused on S.M. Artists’ songs and though they weren’t exactly my style, I had fun dancing to them hehe

I’m not sure what else to say, but yeah I hope you liked the little info that I shared hehe♡


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