[COLLAB] WithYooRi x KkochSongI “What’s In My Pouch” 유리랑x꽃송이 파우치 소개 / 왓츠 인 마이 파우치

Hello hello! This is something I’m very excited about because yay collaboration time! My first collaboration is with Jasmine from Kkochsongi 😀

Follow her if you haven’t! She’s a really nice girl with good posts revolving around beauty and lifestyle 😀 And her envy-worthy hair adventures haha Anyway-

Our topic today is “What’s in My Pouch?

This is my pouch:



I bought it at Claire’s during my last U.S. trip. I forgot how much it is 휴 ㅅ 휴 It looks small but I manage to squish everything into it lol And the design is pretty cute 😀

There are two types of people.
1.) One whose pouch only has a few things, bringing only the products that they will use for the day.
2.) One whose pouch has a ton of things, but not all of those items would even be used for the day.

I’m the type who has a lot in the pouch even if I know I won’t use them.

… Don’t judge lol ok anyway

Open my Pouch!


First up is the IOPE Intense Cover Cushion in shade #23


Honestly, this isn’t really my favourite air cushion. I’m just using this often to finish it already. It’s good but I prefer other cushions. It’s better than the older IOPEs but this still isn’t my number one. Also, it’s too light. Rule of thumb, if you’re pink toned, you go for IOPE’s 21. Same goes for Laneige, and Laneige’s 21 fits me pretty damn well. But for Intense Cover, 21 was too light for me. 23 was an okay shade, but even so, I wouldn’t repurchase this again.

Second would be the The Saem Chok Chok Lip Care Stick in #3 Raspberry Scone


I’ve done a review on this! 😀 I love this tint balm, it really lives up to its name 🙂

Third, Laneige Watery Cushion Concealer in #2 Natural Cover


I love how handy and easy to use this is! It’s literally a push-pen with a soft cushion tip!


I just click, pat gently, then my scars are hidden! Amazing coverage, really! This also doesn’t give streaky marks as the puff is so soft and gentle on the skin! I’m a Laneige 21 and I love the shade of this, it doesn’t look too light and there’s no cast left after application.

Fourth, The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow Pencil in #2 Dark Brown


This is the eyebrow pencil that I swear by. I’ve tried Etude House and Innisfree ones, but I always end up going back to The Face Shop.

Fifth is the Dolly Wink Eyeliner in Brown


This one is a liquid eyeliner that I got from Japan. It’s good quality and easy to apply. A lot better if you use primer (and you should use primer if you want better pigmentation and longevity)

Sixth, The Saem Perfect Volume Mascara


This is a recent purchase and I can say that this does pretty good. Does its job, no clumping and stays on for long hours. Recommended!

Next up is my The Saem Kiss My Button Lips Lipsticks in shades M05 Red Warmer, M03 Propose and 02 Perfect PT


I have no idea why I carry three shades everyday… I also have no idea why I bring these along when I mostly only use The Saem’s Lip Care Stick.. But anyway-

I carry along 2 matte shades, and 1 more natural and slightly glossy shade. M05 and 02 are leaning to the red tone, while M03 is more of pink. Sometimes, I use these for creating gradient lips. The colours are very bold, so I don’t really use these for full-lip makeup.

Speaking of gradient lips, that leads me to my next product. Laneige’s Two Tone Lip Bar.


For lazy gradient lip purposes lol Just a swipe and a couple of dabs, and it’s good to go.

Next, Innisfree Eco Flower Balm in #3 Camellia


This, I also don’t really know why I bring everyday haha Of all lip products that I have in my pouch, it’s really the The Saem Lip Care Stick that I use the most. This Innisfree balm, ….I just bring for no reason lol I should get this out and leave it at home.

Honestly, this balm alongside the The Saem Kiss My Button Lips should just stay at home lol Maybe my Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar too, but I need something for gradient lips so lol oh well

I also have a The Saem SHINee Edition Hand Cream.


Excuse my fan of a self but- okay, I was never actually the hand cream type, but since I use rubbing alcohol so much in a day, my hands go dry and chapped. It doesn’t look very nice, so I try to fix it by applying hand cream every now and then.

Last is the The Saem Fresh Bamboo Relief Soothing Mist


For refreshing and calming purposes lol I spray this on when I’m feeling drowsy in class, when I feel stressed, or when my skin dries up because of the weather, even when I’m bored lol Sometimes I just go to the comfort room and spray this on heh

Bonus is a hair roller lol


This one is for my bangs. I roll them up for volume, anywhere anytime lol In Korea, it’s pretty normal to see someone with a hair roller on in public. Is it like that in your place too? 😀

Aaand, I’m done! That’s all my pouch has hehe I’ll soon be putting up blog posts with more in-depth reviews about the products that were featured here, so stayed tuned for that 😀

Thank you to Jasmine for collaborating with me for this one! Hope Jasmine had fun while doing this hehe

Want to collab? If you want to have a collaborate post, feel free to comment down here or email me at sseonbang@daum.net 😀



6 thoughts on “[COLLAB] WithYooRi x KkochSongI “What’s In My Pouch” 유리랑x꽃송이 파우치 소개 / 왓츠 인 마이 파우치

  1. Mine will be done tomorrow! Had a bit of a hectic week this week but I’ve got a whole day to relax tomorrow to get it done 😀
    The laneige concealer looks interesting and I’ve yet to try items from the saem so I might try a few you mentioned here 🙂


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