Hello! I’m here with a face mask sheet haul~ Quite a late post but I’ll post anyway lol

It’s ₩1,000 each sheet but there was a 1+1 sale in The Saem, so I didn’t let that slip hoho I now have a long supply of mask sheets~


In Korea, it’s pretty common to go by the “1 day 1 pack (1일1팩)” routine. It may seem excessive and costly, but it actually does perform wonders on my skin 😀 When I did the 1 day 1 pack, I saw results much quicker and my skin looked improved 😀

Other than routine purposes, I also love face masks because they are relaxing. It’s so nice to end the day with a face mask on, don’t you think? That’s why when face masks are on sale, I make the most out of it so I never run out of supply hoho Endless supply of skin vitamins and relaxation~~

Anyway~ From my haul, I got these face masks:

20 Mask sheets containing Rice from Icheon
I’ve always used Rice sheets for clearer skin. It’s known for its brightening properties that can even out skintones.


20 Mask sheets containing TeaTree from Australia
According to what’s written on the pack, this sheet is for sebum control. This one claims to make your skin refreshed and would clean your skin by getting rid of the effects caused by having oily skin. TeaTree is also known for soothing and combatting acne since TeaTree is a good anti-bacterial agent. And me, being someone who faces zits at times, I like preventing them from growing or even being existent lol


I haven’t tried their Rice and Tea Tree masks since I’ve always stuck to my Innisfree and The Face Shop masks. Other than the possibility that this would perform well, if The Saem masks turn out to be in a smaller size than The Face Shop’s, then I’ll probably stick to The Saem more instead. I’ll update or post about these masks after a couple of tries, so do watch out for that 😀



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