One Lovely Blog Award


Oh dear, I never knew these kind of things existed haha!

I’m new to WordPress and it’s a first for me to encounter something like this, really! I’ve been a Tistory person for years, and we never had anything like this lol But aww, this is adorable ♡

Thank you, thank you so much to CheonsaDiana for nominating me!! Honestly, Diana was one of the first people I followed here. First or second, I believe? I look up to her and her posts a lot, and her account really reeled me in when I was exploring WordPress! You won’t only get Korean product reviews from her, but you’d also be introduced to many international items that are so tempting to try ㅎㅂㅎ

Thank you again, Diana ♡ Keep your posts coming!


– Thank the Person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
– List the rules in your blog.
– Add 7 facts about yourself.
– Nominate 15 other Bloggers and comment on one of their recent posts to let them know they have been nominated.


Well this is both exciting and maybe embarassing lol But since you’re a willing reader, I wouldn’t mind exposing hehe ♡

Fact 1:
Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve done blogging before at Tistory. Tistory is a Korean blogging portal and it is similar to WordPress. I posted mostly reviews and makeup looks. But I noticed that even if I posted in both English and Korean, my traffic only contained views from Korea. I wanted to improve my English, I wanted to communicate in English, and I wanted to help and cater in English. When no international company came by and my site-traffic went low, I became less active. And besides, I had university applications going on back then.

Fact 2:
I love travelling. I’ve been travelling since I was a child, and still am! I’ve been travelling with friends recently and we will again next month! Anyone who has Hong Kong recommendations? 😀 We’ll be going there for the first time on November so do leave your thoughts about that place 😀 Even if I will be away, I have reviews being prepared and drafted so I can just load and publish them despite not being home 😀

Fact 3:
I started getting into makeup and skincare at around second year high school. I started with Tony Moly eyeliner, lip balm and foam cleanser lol Second year high school is a pretty late start, actually, for people in Korea. Nowadays, middle-schoolers and high-schoolers would already be pro at putting on makeup.

Fact 4:
Most of the time, I end up buying a product because of its packaging lol But hey, I’ve been improving and I’ve been searching for reviews on the spot before actually buying something! Back then, I would just keep on buying and I wouldn’t even end up finishing the item. Such a waste..

Fact 5:
Alongside being makeup and skincare addicted, I love buying shoes. I can go on for long without buying clothes, but I just need to buy shoes. I’m more of a sneakers and a platform type of person hehe I’ve been digging platform heels recently and I sometimes pair them up with socks 😀 Sounds weird but it’s been a trend lol In case you haven’t seen that pairing around, here’s a photo 😀 I actually had these on today lol


Fact 6:
I am a university student majoring in International Studies, and oh my god I am dying lol There’s too much terms and readings, but that’s fine I’ll take this over calculating lol In case you’re wondering what type of stuff we study, it’s like this:


It’s deadly lol

Fact 7:
Despite this cold-looking exterior, I’m actually a softy and I’m a pretty friendly person lol I only look mean because I lack sleep haha! But just talk to me and I’ll be very happy to interact with you! 😀 I may look and sound dull, but really. I just lack sleep lol


That’s all for the short get-to-know-Yoori post hehe ♡ Thank you for reading!


Michelle K. M
All About Leanne
Dorothea Beauty
BeautyFull Dreams
Hannah Gutter

Okay, I’m lacking 4 more bloggers but lol in my defence, I still have to discover and know more bloggers in here ㅡㅂㅡ I’m gonna be going through some recommended blogs, and do mention some to me if you have someone in mind 😀

Also, congratulations to the awesome nominees ♡ Thank you so much for being a part of my WordPress life and good job on your blog! 😀 Keep your quality posts coming, I’m excited to read more 🙂 ♡


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