*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩8.000

The Saem Claims:


– Henna Extract for long-lasting performance
– Water-based so it doesn’t get too thick or clumpy
– Easy, defined and smooth application
– Free from Paraben, Animal Materials, Benzophenone (used for fragrance and UV protection) , Triethanolamin (used for fragrance), and Mineral Oil

It comes in a thin box and it looks like any other Eco Soul product actually 😀

This is a pen-type tint. The casing is plastic and it’s not too difficult to get a proper grip. The end tip is the same colour as the tint, and you’ll have to pull the cap off to reveal the applicator.


The striking feature of this, in my opinion, is the applicator. I’ve never seen an applicator like this before, and it is quite interesting. Its a round, felt tip and it gives off a decent amount of the tint in one swipe.


So far, packaging? Pretty good and handy.

The Tint:
Shade #2 is of a bright red color, and the consistency is not thick as compared to other tints.

-The tint itself is pigmented. Trying to layer and build up the colour is pretty useless, it doesn’t really work. 1 layer is enough to liven up your lips anyway.

-It’s liquid, so it’s light-weight on the lips.

-Despite it being liquid, it’s not very blendable once settled on the lips. I’d say this is better for full lip application, gradient lip is achievable but it doesn’t look that great. If you wish to do gradient lips, it’s better to dab bit by bit rather than swipe.

-This doesn’t really dry my lips up like how other tints do, but it’s always smart to moisturize before having a lip product on. If your lips are already dry and you put this on, this tends to wrap around your lips like how wrap-tints are when applying, thus covering over and hiding dry patches a bit while providing a velvet finish . As for lip-lines, this slightly sinks in.

As for The Saem’s claims… Henna? Nah. Easy application? Smooth. Not too thick and doesn’t clump? True.

I swatched it on my hand to show you the colour and how the build up is. From left to right, it’s 1 layer – 2 layers – 3 layers.


The colour of each layer is nearly the same and you can see how it spreads and sinks into lines.

I’d swatch it on my lips too, to show you guys, but my lips aren’t in a good condition today after accidentally dropping my phone on my face lol. I should have took a photo yesterday but sob I’ll probably post a photo of this on my lips once my lips get better.

Colour? Decent red and good for giving a pop of life on your lips.

Lasting Power:
The lasting power is not as long as I expected. It lasts for around an hour or two before fading away, so reapplying would be necessary if you want to maintain a look for a whole day.

If you’re the type who drinks a lot, or if you know that you’ll be having a drink with friends that day, do not bother putting this on unless you drink with a straw. This melts under water and it will get all over the cup. Your lips won’t be messy, but your cup would be.

As for cleansing, this is not too difficult to remove. It’s easy to clean away at the end of the day.

I also ran the swatches under water to show you how this is reacts when in contact water 😀


See how the colour melted and streamed down? That’s also what happened when I drank off a white cup without a straw, the tint melted and left itself on the cup. I still had slight tint on my lips, but this is just disappointing.


I figured that this stays longer and is more difficult to remove on the hand rather than on the lips lol As for both hand and lips, even after having contact with water, a light tint is left behind on the surface.

Lasting Power? Don’t bother, just look and use other tints.

Overall, this tint isn’t as long lasting as it claimed to be, but it does have good initial pigmentation and easy application to pick its pride back up. I don’t recommend this because the performance just doesn’t match up for its price. Quite a disappointment, to be honest. You can buy better tints for the same, or even lower, price. If you will try this out though, do let me know your thoughts about it and do store the tint vertically with the applicator tip facing down so it doesn’t dry up quickly 🙂



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