[LIFE] What’s In My Phone? + Time and Money Saving Apps for Korea 휴대폰 소개 & 앱 추천

Hello hello! I’m back with an interesting tag that I first saw in Youtube. I was bored so I decided to bring it here to WordPress.

And because I’m tagging YOU!, you can do this too if you want 😀 Do tag and share to me your post if ever you opt to do this 😀

Like the rules in Youtube, just show what you have in your phone 😀 It’s an interesting way to get to know each other and to discover apps that might help 🙂

This might be a pretty lengthy post, so I’ll go get started hehe


First of all, my phone is a Galaxy Note 4. I chose it because of the size and how I can multitask with a pen. I’ve always been a Samsung girl, and I think I’ll forever be a Samsung girl lol


If you guys notice, the Samsung tag is printed at the lower portion of the phone while my phone carrier (LG U+) is the one printed in the middle. I heard that for some countries, they don’t have their carriers printed onto their phone.. So yeah, just in case you’re wondering, and so you won’t be confused 😀

Next is my lock screen. My lock screen is courtesy of an app that I will introduce later. It’s just filled with ads that can help you earn real money 😀


From what you can see above, if you swipe to the left of the lock sceen, ₩100 will be earned.The cash price varies and can go lower or higher 🙂

After that would be my homescreen. Please don’t mind the background lol I’m not the type who puts my own photos as background


My home screen pretty much has my essential apps for easy access hehe

Before going onto the menu, I’d mention it now how I’m a sucker for personalizing anything that’s in my phone.I change fonts, arrangements and even messaging app themes hehe

My kakao theme looks like this:


While my Line theme looks like this:


Hehe I love pastel coloured themes ♡

Now moving on to the menu~
I don’t have a lot of apps downloaded and I have no games at all. I only have what I need~

First page:


My first page mainly has Music apps, SNS apps, E-mails, Photo Apps, and a Map.

My main music app is MelOn, a Korean streaming application. Recently, I’ve played these songs lol


My SNS are Instagram, Kakao, Line and WordPress~ My photo apps aren’t that many but I do invest in them to make the most out of the few that I have.Then my Map application. This one is very helpful, and you should download this if you’re coming over to Korea!

It’s called Daum Maps


It gives information (like arrival times and stations) about buses and subway trains, and it also shows options/routes on how you can travel from one place to another.



Second page of the menu contains just the usual built-in apps, like Youtube and Google apps.

The third page is my phone carrier’s personal apps, another music app and my past blogging app. I don’t blog on Tistory anymore, and I don’t read off of it as much, so I should probably go delete it now lol


Last page in my menu:


These are all my life-saving apps lol

VSCO is my most used editting app
Naver Dictionary for both spoken and blogging purposes
Sol Calendar. Now this is something I should introduce to you.If you like planning things out, being orderly, and being creative while being productive- this app is for you.

Sol Calendar is not your usual calendar or planner. This Daum-powered calendar allows you to create decorated schedules and to-do lists.

Below are photos of how you make an Event. You can change the starting and ending time, and you can set an alarm for it as a reminder.You’ll never be late for your schedules with this around 😀 You can also tag a location, and choose an option that would put your Event on loop for your chosen days.For decorative purposes, you can choose what colour to mark it as and you can even choose a sticker to come along with it.




You can also create a To-Do. This one, unlike the Event, can be crossed out of your list once you tick the “Finished” box.

Take for example the photo below. The ones with boxes are my To-Do’s, while the one with just the time schedule is my Event.


Once I’m done with my To-Do, I will just click the box at the left, then it will be crossed off your list like so:


Notice also how the dates at the bottom of the previous photos show a weekly weather forecast 😀 Pretty convenient!

After Sol Calendar in my app menu is Polaris Office. I can do a Word Document here, an Excel and even a PDF. I use this for both university and blogging. 🙂

Next is Clue, which is a period tracking app lol This one is pretty good and accurate for me 🙂

After that is AirBnb which I use whenever I plan to travel.

Then my next app is an entertainment app called “Everysing“. It’s a karaoke app lol My friends and I use this when we’re bored.

Lastly, the app that I think is the most helpful and most exciting to share. Cashslide.Like mentioned earlier, my lock screen courtesy of Cashslide allows me to earn real money.

All you have to do is watch videos or download a couple of apps to earn.

Currently, I only have ₩1,428 left because I’ve used it up on cosmetics and food, but that’s okay lol I can always earn again


All you have to do is activate this as your lock screen for easier and faster money-earning.


The ‘Store’ button above would show you where you can use this money earned.


As you can see, it can be used for food, shopping, gift items and more. Here are a couple of items that you can avail with your CashSlide money:

Cosmetic brand coupons
Coffee & Pastries
Cube Entertainment Goods

One of the best offers is that you can help organizations that help people from Syria and Africa 🙂


If you don’t like those, then do Cash-out and just take your money 😀


That’s basically it for my phone 😀 I know it was long but I hope it was informational enough 🙂 If you have any questions, leave them down below and I’ll get to them 😀

Til our next exploration ☆ 유리랑 같이 시도해용!


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