*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩5.000


The Saem claims:
-This is a soothing lip treatment
– Contains organic aromatherapy oils and honey
– Polyphenols and vitamins for elasticity
– Natural and delicate colour

Honey products were big the past season, and I did try some out to jump into the bandwagon, but I eventually stopped when a couple didn’t please me.

I was looking through the items at The Saem last week, and I happened to pass by this. I didn’t want another honey product but a part of me also wanted to try it. Fine, you’ll be the last Honey product, Honey Sugar Lipbalm.

Packaging wise, this is simple and is like any other balm. I have no idea why this lured me in, but it did anyway lol You guys already saw how it looks like above, so I’ll just now post a photo of what’s on the base. The base has the name and shade on it.


It’s made out of plastic and you twist the bar up to get the product.


Packaging thoughts? Good and handy.

The colour is supposedly “Red Pink”. You can see how dark the colour is from the bullet, but it isn’t actually like that once applied.


One applied, it’s a very sheer and light pink colour. Like The Saem claims, this is a natural colour. Despite it being natural, it is enough to give your lips some life.The colour also isn’t very buildable, thus showing that this really just leans towards the natural look. I did try layering it a bit on my lips, and even if the colour build-up was quite weak, the weight was still light and didn’t feel sticky at all!

The balm glides on smoothly on both lips and hand for swatches. My swatch below, from left to right, has 1 layer – 2 layers – 3 layers – 4 layers.


Out of curiousity, I ran water over it to see if it would stick on the surface. This isn’t a tintbalm, so I wasn’t expecting anything. But look at that, it stuck in my hand!


Colour and balm thoughts? Natural and light-weight.Pigmentation isn’t what I expected, but it still gives life somehow anyway.

Moisturizing power is good! I wore this the night I was sick then I woke up with smooth lips! When I’m sick, the tendency is that my lips crack. This balm did do its treatment magic and soothed my lips.

I have a swatch of this on my lips below. My lips and I aren’t in a very good condition and are still at a recovery stage, but I’ll swatch anyway to show you how it works 😀

The swatch shows what the balm looks like after being on my lips for nearly two hours. So, for lasting power, I think this does quite fairly. It hits the two hour mark before I’d feel the need to reapply.

Anyway- In the swatch to be shown below, I was steady throughout (no eat, no drink), so the shine wasn’t really touched.The only thing is that the sides were already wiped out. I don’t remember what I did for it to disappear but lol atleast most of the product and the moisture is still there! Oh and, please don’t mind the swollen lips lol Allergy problems


Overall, this product does as it claims.I’d recommend this to anyone who is in need of a balm that treats dry lips while giving the lips a slight colour:D They even have a transparent version of this, so you can opt for that if you want just a treatment 🙂



5 thoughts on “[REVIEW] THE SAEM SAEMMUL HONEY SUGAR LIP BALM #2 OH SUGAR 더샘 샘물 허니 슈가 립밤 #2 오 슈가

  1. Hi there!
    I’m currently really into all these lip products and especially the ones of Korean brands. Never tried any honey lip balm and I really need one to use at night coz of all the dehydration that happened due to air-conditioning. This one looks good cause I’m aware that honey is really good for moisturising… might as well get it when I go to Seoul this winter. ^O^ Thanks for the review ~

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  2. hey, I was wondering, is the photo above the exact color it shows up on your lips irl? It looks more pink than red pink like it’s supposed to be, if Im not mistaken? I was gonna get the Cherry Yogurt one (a red shade) but it’s sold out where I live so I think I’ll have to go for this but it looks so pink on you, I have very warm undertones so pinks tend to wash me out @@


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