*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩3.500

The Saem claims:
– Contains Vitamin E
– Contains Birchtree extract and marine moisture gel for moisture
– Easy and high quality application
– Easy for gradient lips

Another lip product review today!! This one is another liquid tint from The Saem! I’m not very fond of liquid tints like this because it tends to be drying, but I do have a lipbalm to accompany me anyway, so I decided to give this a try. And the packaging. The packaging is quite cute lol

The packaging is a plastic tube with a designed cap. The cap has colourful dewdrop
s as a design and it also has a sticker that states the shade. I’m not the type to take off stickers so I left it there lol


The bottom portion, also, has the product details 🙂


To open, twist the cap off and pull. Then ta-da, applicator!


The applicator is a long, doe-foot applicator. The way the tip is tilted and flattened makes it easy to apply the tint evenly on every inch of your lips. Also, the soft fuzzy fibers would stop the runny tint from dripping everywhere when you pick the applicator up 😀


The tint is not too thick, not too runny. It’s just the right consistency, in my opinion. The colour pay-off is also quite good.From the applicator itself, you can already see how bright the tint is. Once on the lips, it tones down slightly. Another thing is that since this is a liquid tint, it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips but at the same time, it doesn’t give that much of a moisture even if it claims to have moisturizing power.

Overall, consistency is okay.
Colour is nice and does liven up the lips with its bright pop of red colour.
The feel on the lips is very natural, no heavy feeling at all.
But moisture-wise, this doesn’t stand well alone.You tried with all those moisturizing extracts, The Saem. You tried.

On the swatch below, I tried seeing if it’s buildable. There’s not much difference, but 1 layer is bright enough already. Layering would just be a tiny bit of help if you want more coverage and pigmentation.

The swatch below shows 1 layer-2layers-3layers, left to right:



As you can see, the colour is bright blood red. Some patches seem thicker since I haven’t blended them, but they are actually easily blendable. I waited for the tint to dry and also patted down on some parts with a fingertip, and it looked like this:


Still looking fine to me. The pigmentation, when dried, doesn’t look as solid or full as when it was still wet. But I’m cool with a sheer-ish one. If you prefer a fuller, thicker colour, then the pigmentation might be low for you.

Also! Tip: If you want a more even colour, use the applicator to blend, swipe or tap, do not use your fingers.I found that using fingers would make the lips end up with uneven colour patches.

Pigmentation, for me, is around a 3.5 to 4 stars.

Anyways! I then ran the swatches under water.


Okay, this did kind of run off upon contact with water. Thankfully, even if it ran down, it still did leave a stain on the surface like what a tint should really do. Also meaning that your lips won’t look pale and dead after one drink lol



It appeared as more of orange, actually.It isn’t as bright, but I still like how the left over stain looks like on my lips. *Can I just say how long the stain lasted on the back of my hand though. Be prepared to do some cleansing.*

My first application of this was for a meeting. I placed it on at around 12 noon, and it lasted until a bit past 3 in the afternoon before I saw the need to reapply. And hey, the colour got complimented by my senior!

Lasting power, considerably good.

Overall, this tint is pretty okay and I do see myself frequently running to this for everyday use. The only thing is that these tints are quite drying.As much as I like the colour, I wouldn’t wear this alone because it has no moisture at all. I’m actually going to start using this often alongside the The Saem Honey Sugar Lip Balm 😀 This would do well with a good moisturizing balm, you just need to find or make a good combo that would suit your needs 😀

Any thoughts on this tint? Will you consider trying or have you tried it? 😀 Leave it down below and let me know about your thoughts 😀



3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] THE SAEM SAEMMUL REAL TINT #1 RED 더샘 샘물 리얼 틴트 #1 레드

  1. Looks nice enough but I already found my fave liptints from PeriPera the milky tint in Orange and from Espoir in Cherry 🙂

    This looks nice as well and perfect for a natural look.


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