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PRICE: ₩21.000

Cooling products have been growing in numbers lately, but it is only now that I actually encountered a cooling BB cushion in a handy pact. There have been cooling BBs but they tend to be in bottles and such. Thos bottled ones didn’t seem convenient to me, so I never purchased. But this. This caught me.

Anyway, the pact is the usual BB cushion container.It resembles the Laneige and IOPE one in casing-size. The packaging also reminds me of a Laneige BB cushion that I used to have, with the light blue colour as the face of the pact. The sides are of a cool silver colour and I personally like how it matches with the blue face. Beneath the pact, the details are stuck on the container.Typical BB cushion packaging, really.


For comparison, here is a photo of this with Laneige and IOPE:




When I opened it, that’s when I could distinguish a difference from other pacts. Despite having a big exterior packaging, the inside was pretty small. The plastic that held the puff and cushion was smaller than my other pacts. Upon seeing it, I already had doubts on the possibility of switching refills and pacts with other brands. It’s not very obvious in photos but you’ll notice it in real life.



The puff is a tad bit smaller than that of IOPE’s, but they pretty much feel the same.If you haven’t tried the IOPE one, then that and this puff are considerably soft to pat onto the skin. It isn’t as thick or squishy as the Laneige one, but it gets the job done and is still gentle enough.The difference is that I feel that the IOPE one leaves more patting and streaky marks. The Saem’s puff gives a smoother finish.

Once you lift the lid, the caution sticker is there again


Pull it off then another interesting difference pops up again. You know how Laneige and IOPE ones are flat and already tinted cushions? This one is slightly puffier and rounder. And it appears a bit white at first, until you press down to get the BB.



See how it’s not flat?


Since the cushion is quite rounded, it hits or gently presses against the lid when you close it. Even if they do press against each other, dont worry, the cushion doesn’t dispense any more product. Product doesn’t squeeze out from all over. The lid just picks up what’s on the used surface.


Packaging wise, maybe a 3 out of 5.
Minus one because it’s still a bulky little pact like others. I kind of hope a smaller or at least a thinner one would be made.
Another Minus One because I don’t like how the cushion and the lid press against each other. It isn’t that big of a problem but man, I want to see my lid effortlessly clean and white.

Anyway. Moving on to the colour.
Like stated in the title, I got shade #2. I usually work with #1s especially with Laneige cushions, but the #1 of The Saem looks too light on me. The Saem’s #2 is still slightly white-ish on the face, but it’s better than the 1st and 3rd shade. If you know what IOPE 23 looks like, this is a bit similar when applied on the face but the colour is cooler.

I have two sets of swatches below. One would be The Saem alone so you can see the colour. The next would be a comparison between Laneige 21, IOPE Intense 23, and The Saem #2.

THE SAEM Swatch:


I blended half and left out the 3Layer


Comparing 3 different cushions:


Next would be coverage. The coverage, I would say is light-medium. It’s slightly buildable and it isn’t too terrifying to build because this doesn’t cake much. This can cover up the redness around my nose and some dark spots on my skin. As for pores, this does okay. It can hide my cheek ones, but my nose problems are still quite visible.

Shown below is my bare face. take note of the dark spots, dark circles, scar and nose.


Below is a photo of the same area with just the 1 layer of the BB on.I didn’t put on concealer so you would see how the coverage of this works when alone.Also, I apologize for the different lighting as the bare faced one was taken at home, while the one with BB is taken at university.Both photos have natural lighting and no enhancement.


My under eye darkness is still quite visible.
The pimples are a bit toned down.
The dark spot is also still a bit visible but it still got covered and lightened by a layer of BB somehow
The scar was gone
The redness under my nose corners were fixed.

For 1 layer, it is of a light but considerable coverage.

Next is the performance. Performance from the application down to the lasting power.

I was quite disappointed because I thought I would actually feel a cooling sensation on my skin. I thought the feel would be like The Face Shop’s Natural Sun Eco Cooling Sunblock. But nope, not much cooling power and I honestly barely feel anything. Major let down.

Moisture power is okay. It does make my skin look and feel moisturized and semi-glowing.

The finish is between matte and glowing. You get a slightly dewy finish, and it did last me for hours. I noticed that through the hours, I still did have the glowy-finish, and I didn’t look greasy despite the dewy aspect. The finish actually also looks pretty natural. It feels light-weight on the skin, not sticky or anything. I love how it feels compared to the IOPE one. But it does easily wipe off. Even a soft pat on the face with a tissue would get off some of the product.  Another sad thing is that it seeps into lines. It kind of streaked under my eyes after some time.

Lasting power, it’s okay as long as you don’t keep touching your face. Without the tissue patting, it could last me a good 6-8 hours, but with slight creases under my eyes.Other than the under eye problem, everything else stayed in tact. Honestly, I don’t even remember why I kept patting my face the first time I used this lol

At exactly 8 hours, it looked like this:


I lost the BB around my nose because I constantly blew my nose because of my colds huhu

That’s pretty much it! Overall, this product is okay when it comes to its performance, it’s just that I was let down because of the barely-existent “cooling sensation”. I’d probably juggle between this and my Laneige one. My IOPE one, thank heavens I’m nearly finished with it, that’s going to the trash soon lol I don’t hate the IOPE one. It’s another meh product. I don’t hate it but it’s not my favourite either lol My least favourite among these three, that is-

How about you, what’s your favourite cushion? 😀 Would you consider buying this or are you planning to purchase any new cushions soon? 😀 Let me know down below~



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