Whenever I meet people for the first time, they always go “Oh, yeah, I’ve heard some kpop music! I know this song and this artist”, “Oh, so do you listen to kpop?”

…… Okay

Anyway. No, I’m not a very big kpop fan. But I am a big SHINee fan lol There’s a difference! I think introducing as a ‘kpop fan’ means that you like a couple or a lot of groups. While if I introduce myself as a SHINee fan, then really, I am implying that it is only SHINee that I listen to and anticipate. Besides, SHINee tries to stray away from the typical pop music *sips tea*

I listen to some other music every once in a while but I don’t look up or admire the artist as much as I do towards SHINee lol

Anywaaaay. So, (my love for SHINee made me visit this restaurant) I visited this restaurant in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo, Japan and voila~ SHINee everywhere!

How To Get There: Get off at Shin-okubo station and exit at the North Exit. Turn left and walk down the road. At the second block, you will see a Matsuya (it’s color blue and yellow in case you don’t know). Nearby, you will see stairs that has SHINee on it.


Like mentioned, you will see (stairway to heaven) a stairway with SHINee designs. It looks like this:




Hehe ♡♡ The restaurant is at the second floor, so do go up the stairway. Once you go up, the restaurant is the first door is at the right part. Enter, and welcome to heaven ♡


This isn’t an official restaurant, it’s just run by a fan I think. The place is surrounded and decorated with SHINee items and a couple of DBSK stuff.



No, I wasn’t all squeamish when I was here lol I did my best to contain myself but my insides were exploding. Exploding so bad that I forgot to take a photo of the food. How amazing………

But yeah, this place serves Korean food. They offer ala cart or by set. I don’t really remember how much the individual orders were, but I think the starting price point is around ¥1000. And the food was okay, not really that authentic-tasting, but it’s good enough. So-so with the price-taste comparison.

Oh and before I forget. This restaurant is just one floor, but there’s a small divider in the middle. It’s literally like a fence that you can lean over on. What is it for?

One side has the SHINee decorated area.
One side has no SHINee decorations.

If you come over without reservations, then you cannot eat at the SHINee area. That’s what the staff told us. But lol he allowed me to go in and take photos anyway ♡ Thank you thank you to that staff ♡ No worries though, even if you sit at the non-decorated area, you can still see and hear everything from the SHINee area. And as far as I remember (or maybe I misunderstood), no matter which area you’re seated at, you have a time limit for your stay.

If you are planning to visit, their lunch time is at 11:30~15:00 while night menu starts at 17:00~24:00 🙂



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