Hello guys!

This is a very random post but I just recently discovered this and it is pretty amusing, if I may say. Our topic for today revolves around a widely-used app in Korea, Kakao Talk.


I updated my kakao talk recently and I was introduced to a couple of new features. There were new feautures that I’ve never seen before. These features have been out for just a while now, and as of now- they’re only for Korea as far as I know. I messaged Kakao Team and they told me “We are planning to add the feature for global however we cannot guarantee the exact date of releasing”

Try updating your app and see if the updates are available for you  🙂

One new feature is: Self-Chat


Go to your profile, and you’ll see the “Self-Chatting” button beside the “Edit Profile” button.

Sounds pretty useless, but my friends and I use this feature as a notepad. We type notes to ourselves so we can remember stuff without having to write them down on a paper. Talk about lazy lol But yeah, when I need to remember something, like a to-do, a product, maybe even a recommendation, I type it down in my self-chat. When I’m not feeling too lazy, and when I have time to spare, I put my to-do’s and schedules in an app called “Sol Calendar”. I featured that app in my “What’s in My Phone” post, in case you want an indepth view of it 🙂

Next is the “Open Chatting”


Go to your message tab, click the + sign at the bottom, and “Open Chatting” should be the first choice that appears in the list.

What is Open Chatting?

Open Chatting is a feature that gets rids of your worries about exposing your ID, phone number and profile just to add others. Open Chatting is also a feature very convenient for group chats as it can carry up to 500 users in one room. You don’t have to give out your ID or Phone Number in order to chat with someone. Just simply click and form an Open Chat, a link will then be generated, then give that link to someone.When someone clicks on the link, that person will be redirected to your Open Chat room, and voila~ You can now talk to each other without giving out personal information! With a click of a link, you can now talk! You will have no ID exposure, no number exposure, and no profile exposure.

Who can use Open Chat?

1. Online Shops
Online shops can create an Open Chat. When customers click their room link, they can converse and ask about prices and such. No ID and phone number given away to talk to each other.

2. Bloggers
Bloggers can have an Open Chat wherein updates and new-releases can be talked about. Again, no ID and phone number given away to be able to share thoughts and update each other about products.

3. People working in groups
Need to work on something with others who aren’t on your friends list? Just form a group and send out the link! No ID and phone number exposure yet again!

4. People with the same interests
Want to discuss about your interests? Create an Open Chat and send it to the people with same interests! You all can then discuss over there!

Long story short, Open Chat is a useful feature that limits who you reveal your profile information to and it is also a more convenient way to chat with new friends. Even if you aren’t friends personally or in Kakao, just send the link and you can begin talking! Alongside connecting with others, you also get to manage your privacy and friends list!

Open Chat is a pretty interesting feature actually and I’m considering making one for this blog hehe Just for thoughts and maybe updates on new products and such~ Leave your thoughts about this update down below and I’ll see you guys next time~

Til our next exploration ☆ 유리랑 같이 시도해용!


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