[LIFE] NOT YOUR COMMON KOREAN SLANGS: LIST OF 10 KOREAN SLANG WORDS 이 블로그포스트는 한국의 현행 속어를 망라하고 있다 (속어 목록)

Hello guys ♡

I’m here to share Korean slang words with you guys because someone asked me about a slang that I used here in my blog. In Korea, we call such words in 2 ways.

First is 속어 which literally means “slang” while the second way is 비속어 which leans more towards “profanity”. This post will have both.


Like I said in the title, the slangs that I will share are the ones that are not commonly shared in Korean learning or entertainment sites.With these words, you’ll sound like a teenage Korean hoho But ofcourse, use some with caution. I will put a warning when it gets too aggressive so you’ll know when or when not to use it 🙂

Let’s start!

1. 개기다 [gae-gi-da]
This is when a younger (or weaker) person acts sassy towards a person who is much more superior.

2. 땡땡이 치다 [ddaeng-ddaeng-ee-chi-da]
This means “To cut class”
땡땡 comes from the sound that the school bell makes (or atleast that’s how we say it lol) when the class ends
치다 means to hit or to strike

Literally it means “Striking the (school) bell”. This slang can mean that the person didn’t bother or doesn’t want to wait for the bell to ring, thus skipping class.

3. 꼬라지 [ggo-ra-ji]
This slang is used to describe an appearance, usually being weird a one. Be it style for clothing, acting or moving, as long you’re pertaining to someone’s slightly off appearance.

4. 빡세다 [bbak-se-da]
This literally means “Head turning white”. 빡세다 is when an action is so tough sucks the life out of you, leaving you haggard.

It’s like 힘들다 which means “It’s difficult”. Using this slang would be like “아.. 너무 빡세다” “Ah.. This is so tough it’s sucking the life out of me”

5. 불금 [bul-geum]
This comes from 불타는 금요일, which means “Burning Friday”. This is like TGIF. Burning Friday because it’s like the hype is high and the town is turned red with excitement.

6. 돌아가시겠다 [dol-ah-ga-si-get-da]
This means “Just kill me already”. You use this when you’re dumbfounded or caught off hand in a situation, then you feel like you’d rather just die than continue on.

7. 배째라 [bae-jjae-ra]
: stomach
: slitting
: adding 라 at the end means you’re implying a command

배째라 literally means “Slit my stomach!” or in other words “I’d rather just die”. People use this when they’d rather die than do something. The difference this has with #6 돌아가시겠다 is quite small. #6 is more like you want to die because you’re dumbfounded in a situation. This one is more of you want to die because you’re too stubborn to do something.

8. 존멋/존예 [jon-meot/jon-ye]
Use these two with caution because they’re derived from 존나멋지다 and 존나예뻐. Notice how they both have 존(나) which means “fucking”, but not in a negative way.

존나 can be used like:
존나 배고파 which means “I’m fucking hungry”

In the case of our two main examples for :
존멋 comes from 존나 (fucking) 멋지다 (cool). Literally it means that you’re saying someone is fucking cool.
존예 comes from 존나 (fucking) 예뻐 (pretty).
Literally it means that you’re saying someone is fucking pretty.

존나 is a very strong term and it often leaves a bad impression especially if you’re an adult using it. Many teenagers use this too but it sounds really “whoa” or “bad-ass” especially if girls use it. To replace it, you can always use the lighter terms like 진짜 or 죽겠다.

9.쩐다 [jjeon-da]
This implies that someone or something is really good or extreme at a certain action. It’s like the expression “awesome!”

10. 쪽팔리다 [jjok-pal-li-da]
is an expression for face
팔리다 means be sold

Literally, “Face is sold”. This slang is a word that implies something like “Humiliating” or “Embarassing”. It’s used when one can lose his pride because of a shameful incident. Do be mindful when using this though, adults can find this offensive when you tell this to them.

And my list ends there! 🙂 If something is confusing, do leave a comment down below and I’ll get to it 😀 I’m still working on explaining in English so don’t be shy to point things out to clear stuff out 😀 If you want more posts like this and if you want to learn more, do tell me as well, I can consider making more posts about Korean words 🙂

Til our next exploration ☆ 유리랑 같이 시도해용!


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