[REVIEW] ETUDE HOUSE BLING ME PRISM COLOR IN LIQUID LIPS RD303 RED 에뛰드 하우스 블링 미 프리즘 컬러 인 리퀴드 립스 RD303 레드

*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: Originally ₩9,500 but I got it for ₩4,750
BOUGHT FROM: Etude House

Part 2 of my Color in Liquid Lips review! Like mentioned in my first post, I got two shades and I’m making two different posts so the review would be more focused and each shade’s features would be highlighted. For this post, the review would be about shade RD303 Bling in Red

Packaging is the same. The box has the same details and information.



If you’re reading this before the PK010 review, then the claims are as follows:
– Light Texture
– Smooth Texture
– Vivid Colour
– Transparent Shine

The packaging itself is the same, plastic tube with a lipstick bullet stuck inside.


The applicator is a wide doe-foot for easy application. Use the tip for the corners of your lips and the wider area for the middle part of your lips. 🙂



Like the PK010, I swatched this at the back of my hand thrice. Bottom to top, 1 layer-2 layers-3 layers.


As you can see, it’s a bright red colour and it’s very pigmented. I smudged it out like how I did for the PK010 and it looked like this


The colour build-up is better in this shade, in my opinion. The PK010 had no difference between each swatch, while RD303 looked fuller with more layers.

I also ran this under water to see how it would react. If you read my PK010 review, then you’d know that that shade didn’t budge under water. As for this,


Same thing. The colour didn’t stick to the water drops, it didn’t melt and slide off. No budging unless you actually purposely wipe it off.

Lasting power is just as good as PK010. It lasts a couple of hours and it won’t move unless you purposely rub it off.

Moisturising power is around the same or just a tad bit better than PK010. If PK010 was a 0 out of 5 for me, then this is probably 1 to 2 out of five lol Considering moisturization, this feels and looks better than PK010 in my opinion. Still not very nice to use alone, but this doesn’t hug dry areas as much as PK010 does. The finish looks a bit more shiny as well whereas PK010 looked more of matte. But even if it does look better, I still apply moisturizer before putting this on because rouge-ish type of products tend to make my already dry lips look ever more dry after some time lol Below is the product gradiented on my lips along with a transparent moisturizer.


Overall, I prefer this over PK010. I did mention how PK010 is a good colour but I think RD303 flatters me better. Performance and finish wise, I think I prefer this as well. I see myself using this a lot with a moisturizer, and I’d probably use this a lot more compared to PK010. 😀

And that concludes my Bling Me Prism Liquid Lips review 😀

I’ll review the Bling Me Prism Liquid Eyes sometime soon, so do stay tuned for that if you’re interested 🙂



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