*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*

Price: ₩1.000
Bought From: The Saem

I posted a blog not too long ago about my The Saem mask sheet haul, and I finally have a review about the Tea Tree mask after using it consistently!

This is going to be quite a short post, but okay let’s get started!

Packaging is pretty simple. It’s a packet with an illustration of a Tea Tree on it, and it also has a print of what the mask claims to do. As for this, this mask focuses on sebum control and is free from 5 ingredients (Paraben, Benzophenone, Silicon Oil, Artificial Colouring, Mineral Oil) . Though as far as I remember, Tea Tree is also for soothing your skin and has anti-bacterial properties. So if you’re acne-prone, this is pretty good.


The back has little explanations and details, mostly in Korean but there’s English too.



Scent is very mild and quite therapeutic.It’s a tiny bit medicinal, almost resembling how eucalyptus smells like. The scent isn’t disturbing to me, it’s very light and actually very relaxing. Oh and, if you’ve tried The Saem’s Tea Tree products, this smells just like that.

The Sheet is just a tiny bit thicker than a tissue paper. Upon opening the packet, it is folded like this:


It’s also very soft and soaked despite the mask being slightly thinner compared to others.And even if it is soaked, there is still a lot of the white essence left in the pack.So many that I transferred it into a small bottle because throwing it would be a waste.

One pack has this much remaining essence:


That’s like 6mL of product out of the 21mL that was stated on the packet!

Oh and, the essence is very runny. It would drip everywhere everytime I pull the mask out. So you better move fast if you don’t want to make a wet mess.

Once the mask is dry, it looks like this:


As for size, this is between the Etude House masks and the The Face Shop masks.It’s slightly bigger than Etude’s, and is smaller than The Face Shop’s. I’m pretty contented with the size of this. It’s not perfect, but I like it better than The Face Shop’s. The biggest part of this for me would be the forehead part and a bit of the eye area, the rest are fine and works well with my face hehe


Lastly, the result of using it consistently. Like mentioned in my haul post, I bought Tea Tree and Rice. I have planned from the start to use the Tea Tree first because I was having my monthly break-out, then I’ll use the Rice once the zits are tamed. It’s been a couple of Tea Tree packs and I’m happy that I’m gonna be using the Rice one already. I noticed that my zits toned down the morning after wearing this mask. They became less red and they’re a bit flatter as well. My skin also didn’t look oily. Immediately after taking off the mask, I already noticed how calm and supple my skin looked. This is moisturizing and it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling behind.It left my skin really smooth, and I love it!

Overall, I dont regret buying quite a lot of this because this works on my skin pretty well.The only con for me is that it’s so runny. Other than that, everything else is good.I have less than 20 left and I would repurchase once it runs out.If you’ve tried this out or if you would, let me know down below ♡



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