[LIFE] I’M FILLED 이젠 더 먹을 수 없어요 휴 ㅂ 휴 배불러요!!

The hunger is real.

I took in too many sweets and I have no idea how I will sleep at night with all these sugar in me lol

I entered a cafe with just water.


It’s a cozy cafe, like any typical Korean cafe actually. The ones that have boxed rooms and second floors.



My friend and I started with pasta and bingsu…



Then a lava cake just had to tempt me 휴 ㅅ 휴


It was so freaking good and the lava was oozing out off the cake and oh my goodness, it’s heaven on earth!!

An hour later….


I honestly don’t know how we finished that fast but we did lol

By the way, the cafe is just a cafe that we suddenly and randomly entered at Seongnam. I shall get back to the name some time lol Sorry 휴 ㅅ 휴 This is an impromptu post so the content is pretty bad, I apologize 휴 ㅅ 휴 I’ll be back with more meaningful posts and reviews!!



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