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I was fixing my makeup closet and I noticed how I have a lot more lip makeup as compared to eye and face makeup. I thought to myself and yeah, I actually do end up buying a lot of lip products?! Mainly because of their packaging, I guess lol So today, I’ll be sharing my lip collection and short thoughts about each product.


Let me start with products from The Saem

First item is the Saemmul Wrapping Tint in RD01 Red Berry


These types of tints are very famous nowadays.It’s the one you peel off then there’s a stain on your lips. This one isn’t something I use very often. I just bought it to try it lol I only use this when I have a lot of time to fix up because I have to wait steadily for 5-10 minutes before peeling it off. Very interesting product but too time-costly.

Next are the Kiss Button Lips in Red Warmer, Propose and Perfect PT


I promise I will post my individual reviews on these next week lol My reviews for these have been sitting in my draft box for a while, I just have to edit and add a couple more photos but anyway!! I personally like these sticks because of how handy they are and I like the colour pay off. Tony Moly released something like this too, I haven’t tried it but I’ll probably just stick to The Saem lol

Third product from the Saem is their Lip Care Stick in Raspberry Scone.


I’ve posted a review about this here 😀 If you haven’t read it then…please do lol kidding
This lip care stick is nice and it does my lips pretty well 😀 Very easy to slide on and ot’s also moisturizing 🙂

Next, Honey Sugar Lip Balm in #2 Oh! Sugar.


Like the product above, I have a review on this as well which I will link here. This is another balm that Iike. It works well, it’s sheer and the colour is very natural.

Another lip product bought from the Saem is the Henna Tint in Lettering Red.


This is my least favourite The Saem product.Quite a disappointment, really..My review on this is here.

Last product from the Saem is their Real Tint in #1 Red.


I love the colour but it isn’t moisturizing so I pair it up with a balm. Read my review for this here.

Next up would be products from The Face Shop

I used to have a lot of items from The Face Shop, but since I wasn’t that impressed, I just gave most away to my mom lol

First I have wit me here are the Artist Cube Lipsticks in:
01 Feeling Pink
03 Peach Kiss
04 All in Orange


I honestly don’t remember the exact reason why I bought these but oh well, they come in handy for some occassions lol

I have some swatches below, left to right is 01-03-04


Last for The Face Shop are from the Over Girl line. These are the lip crayons in shades:


These are semi-matte lip crayons that glide on smoothly as long as you have non-chapped lips.Not very moisturizing and it hugs dry patches, so do moisturize. The crayons look like this:


They’re shaped like drops 😀 As for swatches, left to right is PK01-OR01-0R03


Very similiar to the lipsticks above, but these are more matte.

Last from the Face Shop is the My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint


I only use this for my cheeks since it’s quite drying on the lips. The colour is nice though, so if used on the lips, just wear a balm with it.

I had their Aquaproof tint before and their Stamping Lips but I don’t remember where they are lol No actually, I don’t remember where the Aquaproof tint is but I remember where the Stamping Lips is. I remember using them for like three times though lol

Next are Laneige items
Laneige is more of a mid-high class brand but they still have branches on roadsides so I’ll be including them here

First from Laneige are the Two Tone Lip Bars


I have them in:
02 Red Blossom
04 Milk Blurring

I actually like these lip bars and the gradient made looks nice as long as you do it carefully.

Next is Laneige’s Water Drop Tint in Scarlet Red


This performs pretty well and the tinting power is good! The colour is like a tomato red with a very faint hint of orange. I have a swatch here below:


Moving on- I also have a couple of products from Etude House.

As cute as Etude House packagings are, I don’t find myself buying a lot from them. Currently, the cheaper brands I least buy from are Etude House and Tony Moly. I don’t know why but- I’m just not drawn in lol anyway

I have here a Color Lips Fit in PK001 Magical Fit Pink


This is a rouge-ish product and the colour is of a Barbie Pink type of shade. The swatch is shown below:


Next are the Bling Me Prism products in PK010 and RD303


I’ve reviewed PK010 here
and RD303 here.

I used to have thir lip care balm thing, but I didn’t use it very often. I also had their Apricot stick which was okay. Also had their Etoinette lipstick, but I wasn’t able to finish it before the expiration date. I also remember having their Tint Chou which was meh.

Next up would be products from Aritaum

I have here Honey Melting Tints in shades:
-Peach Crumble
-Lady Dessert


I’ve posted reviews here.

I used to have the Water Sliding Tint but I’ve finished it huhu Planning to try one of their other tints soon though

Second to the last! Innisfree!

For now, I only have the Eco Flower balm in
#3 Camellia


I’ve reviewed this, you can read it here.

The performance of this reminds me of another Innisfree balm that I’ve tried before. Back then I had their mango balm, which I love. I haven’t seen it around recently but huhu I’d repurchase that if I do.

Lastly, Tony Moly

I was a big Tony Moly fan when I was in high school, I don’t remember the exact reason why but I’m pretty sure the price is one of them lol I don’t have much Tony Moly products currently but I’m thinking of trying their new releases so stay tuned for that hehe

I have here two lip liners. They’re the Touch My Lip Liners in:
01 Signature Red
02 Wonder Coral


I rarely use these to be quite honest. I only use them when I use lipsticks for formal events which… happen rarely lol I have a swatch of these too!


They glide on really smoothly, they’re matte and the tip is thin so it’s easy to draw with precision.

Last for the entire list are the Bam Bam Tints in:
03 Cotton Coral
04 Orange Girl

In the photo shown below, Orange Girl is above Cotton Coral.


These sticks have two ends. One carries a balm while another has a sponge tip that picks up some tint that is dispensed inside the cap.

For the photo below, the one left is Cotton Cotal while the one on the right is Orange Girl.


The balms on the other side look like this. The left is Orange Girl’s while the right is Cotton Coral’s.


I actually really like these sticks! I like the color pay off and the balms work pretty well! I use the sponge tint in the inner corners then I use the balm all over. The tint is more of matte, the balm is the one that adds the shine. I’ll do a separate reviews for this so do watch after it if you’re interested hehe For now, here are some swatches:

First two from the left are Orange Girl. Last two are Cotton Coral.


I owned a lot more Tony Moly lip products back then..I had their Backstage Sure Tint in a nice, shimmery pink colour, their Backstage Oh My Lip gloss and their Petite Bunny Balms that I obviously just bought for the packaging lol

That is all for today’s sharing and I hope you’ve discovered some products that you might want to try! I’ll be posting more in depth reviews about products listed here this week so do follow to be updated 😀





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