*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩4.000 for 8+2 packet sale ; ₩500 for normal individual price

Hello hello! I’m here to review Apieu’s patches! I have two separate reviews, this will be the day patch, while the night patch will be linked here.

Let’s get started!

So like mentioned, I got the 8+2 pack. Inside this big packet are 10 smaller ones. Each small packet it looks like this:


Behind are the details in Korean.


Since they’re not in English, I translated them and did a summary 🙂

Basically, the tea tree essential oil helps you achieve crystal clear skin. It also comes in 2 different sizes for you to be able to fully cover and treat your skin. Alongside tea tree, which is know for treating acne, this also has salicylic acid for damage improvement.

Main Ingredients are:
-Tea Tree Essential Oil
-Salicylic Acid
-Grape Seed
-Hyaluronic Acid

Recommended wearing time is 8-12 hours for maximum treatment.

Inside the packet, you get 12 transparent-ish patches.


The translucency is nice. It isn’t fully transparent, it looks kind of a moist-ish and matte patch. But even if so, once applied, it’s only most obvious when you look in a really close distance. If you look from a far, it isn’t obvious. I find that it’s least obvious when placed on the forehead hehe


This also isn’t very thick, so it feels pretty natural and like nothing is on.

If you’re concerned about the scent, ve relieved because this doesn’t smell like anything.

The sticking power is really good! It lasts for hours without budging. Don’t fear though, this isn’t a pain to tear off 🙂 It’s still very gentle even if it sticks to your skin.

The performance is considerably good. It doesn’t vanish your pimple within a day, but the pimple does flatten a bit and the redness goes away. While I had this on, there was no burning or itching sensation or anything. Not drying either. Also, after I took it off, I noticed how my pimple already suddenly had the white center. The pus has already collected by the surface. It was ready for popping after around 2-5 uses, then I did, using two Q-tips lol Do not pop zits that are not ready and do not pop them using your fingers.

Overall, this is a pretty good patch 🙂 I like it better than Tony Moly’s because of the sticking power, translucency and performance. This Apieu one does and looks better than the Tony Moly one 😀 Also, dirt doesn’t collect at the side of the patch for Apieu, the Tony Moly one gets dirty at the edges. This Apieu one didn’t kill my pimple in a day, but it did cut the pimple’s life shorter and this is helpful so you won’t pick or scratch on the pimple 🙂 Hopefully, there would still be more sales so I can buy this much again hehe

We’ve come to the end of this post, do comment below your thoughts 😀



12 thoughts on “[REVIEW] APIEU NONCO TEA TREE SPOT PATCH 어퓨 난코 티트리 스팟 패치

  1. I’ve used this recently and to me I didn’t feel it did anything. It’s just more a patch to “protect” your pimple during the day. But I liked how sticky and thin it was! You reminded me I should review this 😛


      1. Haha you should. It actually helps taking out all the gunk and shrink my pimple overnight, but it’s pretty thick though I think. Maybe I should try the A’pieu one and we share opinion ;). Thanks again for sharing


      2. It really does sound tempting, especially since reviews all rated it so highly 😭💘 Let’s try out opposite products together, and maybe then we’ll find out how they are in comparison 😌

        Liked by 1 person

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