Hello readers ♡

Since I’ve been sharing travel diaries and I’m gonna be going on a trip tomorrow, I thought of sharing with you guys some handy applications that help me plan out my trips 😀

These are very helpful for recommendations and time-management so do check them out if you’re in need of something like this 😀

My first app recommendation is this one called TripCase

The app’s main page looks like this:


It shows how many days you have left til your trip, and honestly this just makes me so hyped up lol

The side bar also shows many of its other features,

**Edit, my flight schedule was moved earlier to November 13.

You can look at your past and upcoming trips.
You can add more trips.
Both features are shown below:


You can also add contacts for reference
Timeline view will be explained later.
Documents is also where you store your important stuff needed for the trip.
Weather and maps for your destination are also included.

Anyway. Back to the Main Menu. When you slide left, you will have a view of what you plan to do for the day and where it is located.


At my final day, it also reminds me of my check-out


If scrolling so much isn’t your style, then go for the Timeline view which looks like this:


So far, I only have places to visit. I haven’t placed what to ride and what to eat.

You can add such by clicking “Add Item” from the side bar. When done, you’ll be asked to choose from the following:


I haven’t tried the ‘Link a Booking’, but I have tried the ‘Add Flight’.

It looks like this:


When you input the details, it will automatically detect the flight and depart times.

You can also add in your hotel:


If you choose to add an activity, just type down in the bar and suggestions will automatically show up like so:


If I’m not mistaken, you can email the app and they will make your entire itinerary for you. They will put must-visit and must-try places, so that’s pretty nice since you’ll get to try more than you actually might have planned 🙂 I haven’t tried having them to domy itinerary, but it’s a pretty cool feature especially if you’re not the type of person who’s into planning.No complains about this app and I definitely recommend 🙂

Second and final one is this app called Tripomatic.

My aunt actually recommended this to me and I really like it! It’s like TripCase witha couple more precise features.

Open the app and you’d have this greeting you:


When you click Itinerary, a calendar and your schedules will show like such:


The date numbers are in circles that have blue fillers. Those blue stuff show how filled your day is. As you can see, my Thursday’s circle is around 95% full.

Click on the date and you’ll have a more detailed view of your day.


As you can see, the upper left shows how much hours I will probably take in doing my planned adventures for the day.
Also, see the car symbols? You can click that and change your mode of transportation. As you change your mode of transportation, ofcourse, the time difference for going from one place to another changes as well.
The itinerary is editted by you as well, so feel free to reposition the places and such.
Click the add button, and you’ll have this:


I chose ‘Places’, so it took me to a page where recommended places are listed down for you to choose from


I personally like how they recommend places, based on popularity, entrance charge and purpose. Like the first app, I have no complains about this one and I definitely recommend it.

That’s it for today and I hope you’ve learned something new from this ♡ See you soon!




  1. What a super complicated however I love it comlicated. I guess you only have to learn how to use it, and then it’ll be easy. ❤️

    Are you really going to Hong Kong, if so have a splendid trip. I am rather jealous, since I miss Hong Kong quite a lot. 🇭🇰

    — Miku


  2. Wow, such a helpful application, but is that okay to share every detail of your plan with that application? I have a trust problem. 😀 😀 😀
    By the way, enjoy your Hong Kong trip. I’ll be waiting for your trip post. 🙂


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