[TRAVEL DIARY] HONG KONG 2015 : GOING HOME 여행 다이어리 : 홍콩 마지막 편!! 몇 시간 후면 난 집으로 갈 거야 휴 ㅅ 휴

The final leg of my Travel Diary Hong Kong Edition 😦

It was that quick but still very fun and productive. I myself can’t believe that I got to do a lot and see a lot in those short days. But I managed and everything is worth it 🙂 My trip was moved earlier and was cut short by a day, but no heavy feelings 🙂

My last day started with me strolling around and last-minute shopping, then the day ended with eating street food.


I’ve not only gained new and keep-worthy memories, I’ve also learned a lot of things haha

– I learned that bargaining in Hong Kong is a lot better lol
– I learned that Mcdonalds tastes a lot better in Hong Kong
– I learned that Tsim Sha Tsui, despite it being a very nice place, has a lot of creepers
– I learned that I don’t need to spend a lot to make Hong Kong have an impact on me. Staying by Avenue of Stars for an hour at around 11pm was very memorable already.
– I learned that some aspects of Hong Kong is very much alike to Korea

I have a couple more but they’re crazier, like you know how Hong Kong actually has a lot of good-looking boys…… Lol Anyway

Yeah, I’m pretty proud and happy about how this trip ended up to be. A couple told me that this would be a useless trip because of the linited time. I may have had limited time, but look at all the things that I’ve done. Look at all the memories and experiences that I gained. Some expectations weren’t met (like symphony of lights lol that was pretty bad) but this is still more than I asked for.



Thank you, Hong Kong!
And to my readers, thank you for sticking by!



2 thoughts on “[TRAVEL DIARY] HONG KONG 2015 : GOING HOME 여행 다이어리 : 홍콩 마지막 편!! 몇 시간 후면 난 집으로 갈 거야 휴 ㅅ 휴

  1. Yuri! So happy you’ve had a great time in Hong Kong!
    I haven’t forgotten about our little collab, will be done sometime soon on my new blog, followed you on instagram to keep in contact with you! 🙂 Hope you are well!


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