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PRICE: ₩7.000

Hello hello! I’m finally back with reviews, I know it took a while and I owe you guys a lot but I’m back now and I’ll review a lot this week! 😀 I have a couple more The Saem products to review and some Tony Moly items, like promised in a previous post 🙂 Anyway.For today, I’m reviewing a lip care product from The Saem. It’s my first time using a lip essence, and it sounds promising enough, so might as well give it a try.

The packaging is pretty cute. The box has a honeycomb design and some details printed all over. The front says these,


It claims that it really does contains natural honey. At the side, it states how much honey this has.


It has 30% real honey and 1% Aloe Vera Leaf Extract. It sounds like a small amount, smaller than expected but let’s put that aside and just focus on how it would work on my dry lips.

At the back, there are more specs and claims,


So it claims that it has Natural Acacia Honey and Organic Aloe Vera. Because of these ingredients, your lips would then be soothed and moisturized.

The bottle itself is also pretty cute. It’s small and handy, so it’s easy to bring around for travel. One side of the cap says The Saem and has a photo of a honey bee


And another side has the product’s name printed on


While the bottom of the container says how much product it carries


To open, simply twist the cap off.


Once opened, ta-da~ There goes your spatula for application!



It’s a thin, transparent and soft spatula. It is quite bendy, so it isn’t difficult to apply the essence onto your lips.

As you could see from the bottle, the essence looks very much like honey.Looking very thick and yellow from the bottle. But once you pick it up, you’ll realize that the colour actually is very  light. The photos of the spatula posted earlier, and the one below this, already have essence on them. But you barely see it because the essence is quite translucent.


On I swatched it at the back of my hand as well,


I would say the colour is transparent to very, very light and sheer yellow. No worries, you won’t look silly with this on because it doesn’t appear as yellow on the lips.

The smell is also very much like honey.

The taste of this (yes, I might have just tried to lick my lips the first time I tried this lol) is not that good lol Nothing like honey. It’s like a strong, liquid lip tint-ish taste.

Moisturization power is very good. It keeps my lips fully moisturized and I recommend wearing this before going to bed. My lips are very dry and chapped, and this essence helps me big time. I have a couple of lip balms that I use to help my lips, but this essence would start taking their place.

The feel of this on the lips is actually very light. It’s surprisingly light-weight compared to how it looked like from the bottle. Not heavy at all. And considering that this is honey, I also thought it would be really sticky. In reality, the sticky feeling is very faint. From a range of 1 to 5, 5 being the stickiest/highest, the sticky factor would be a 1.5 for me. Another thing about this product is that gliding this on feels like spreading a very watery product on your lips. It glides on smoothly! It takes a while to fully absorb into your lips, though, but that’s fine with me since I barely feel that it’s there anyway.

Overall, I like this product and I don’t regret buying it 😀 The Saem’s honey line has been surprisingly good and I’m very much impressed! The only thing I haven’t tried is their honey lip scrub, but I probably would sooner or later lol That’s it for this review and I will be back soon with more! 🙂



3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] THE SAEM SAEMMUL HONEY ALOE ESSENCE 더샘 샘물 허니 알로에 에센스

      1. You are quite welcome.
        I hate it so much, as you mentioned it’s really annoying. I need to stop myself from picking the skin off aswell. Ngh~ glad I aren’t the only one. >3<


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