Oh my goodness, I can’t even get over what I saw earlier today haha!

So I was at a cafe. And a certain kpop group’s fans were gathered there. As for the reason, I don’t really know. It’s normal here, yeah, for fans to just gather. What was amusing was 2 things.

1. They all had stuffed toys that ‘resembled’ (?) their idol.
2. I’m not making fun of them or anything because they had such toys or because they’re taking photos of their dolls posing. In fact, I was happy, knowing that I wasn’t the only one who had a doll with me


I would’ve took a photo of the group as they posed and took photos of their idol dolls, but I felt that it would have been offensive (?) and it would have abused their privacy if I pointed out at them like that, even if I censor them.

But they looked adorable nonetheless lol

So yeah, idol dolls are a thing now in Korea and they’re even starting to expand out to the international market. Like these dolls get sold to even Thailand, Singapore and other places

Now, this whole doll thing might sound crazy, but some reasons as to why people actually buy them are considerable.

** This post is both an introduction to a trending topic and a bit of a deep talk, so if you’re just into hypes and not into deep and personal talks, please do leave after the last photo so your mood doesn’t get ruined 🙂 **

For those who haven’t seen these dolls around, they’re actually pretty cute. Here are some photos of them that I searched up in Instagram.

EXO Kai – Gomini (Bear + Jongini)


EXO D.O. – DyoJJi (Dyo + Dwaeji/Pig)


SHINee Key – Fox Key


SHINee Onew – JjingKki (Jinki + Tokki/Rabbit)


SHINee Taemin – Taemini (Taemin + Mini)
Okay, I didn’t have to search for this as I have my own. Don’t judge, I have my reasons.




Like mentioned earlier, people have their reasons as to why they spend money on these dolls. I interviewed some who have them, and answers are actually quite surprising. It’s not just “Oh, because they’re cute and they remind me of my lovely idol.” It’s more than that.

And yes, I actually did ask around.

These dolls cater a wide range of age groups.

A kind lady in her late 20’s told me that her reason for getting one, is that having the doll gives her comfort after a long day. The doll can make you feel stress-free again, like how you were back in the days.

Second lady I asked just said that because dolls remind her of something special. A doll and memories, combined with her idol group, just makes everything better because it’s like a 2 in 1 kind of thing.

Another lady, now in her early 20’s, said that her doll brightens up her mood when she’s feeling lonely. Because come on, sometimes, all you need is silent company.

Same goes for me. A doll and its adorable being is pretty uplifting. A friend asked me when she first saw my doll, “Are you lonely? Don’t older people usually buy dolls just to relieve the loneliness?” I blurted out a no, but ofcourse, it’s unevitable to feel lonely every now and then because of some stuff life and your brain give to you. And sometimes, you’d rather keep the problems to yourself and stay at home, rather than be with someone or drink it away. It may seem sad and stupid, but in my opinion, there are instances when a doll’s company is better than someone else’s. Yes, I am aware how I sound like a sad loner, but screw what people think to be honest. If this is how I cope, if this is how people cope, then let it be.

Now, I’m not saying that there should be a pity-party given to people who have dolls. What I’m trying to get across is the fact that this trend is more than what people think it is. This is more than a fandom thing, if you think of it. There is an underlying story behind their purchase. And who are we to judge people, whatever age, who has a doll and treats it well? Who are we to judge what others want and like?

That’s all for today’s post, and I hope you don’t mind something like this. I apologize for any mood ruined and for having a part of my blog seem too deeply emotional. Whether or not you agree to my message would depend on you, but I hope respect is still given eitherway 🙂

Til our next exploration ☆ 유리랑 같이 시도해용!


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