[REVIEW] LANEIGE x PLAY NOMORE INTENSE LIP GEL 08 MAPLE RED 라네즈 x 플레이 노모어 인텐스 립 젤 08 메이플 레드

*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: Originally ₩25.000, but I got it for ₩20.000

Hello hello hello! I’m back with a Laneige x Play NoMore lip product and hoho isn’t this just adorable. By the way, Play NoMore is a Korean fashion brand, so basically this line is a collaboration between brands that target makeup and fashion 😀

First thing’s first, the packaging.


Honestly, this product got my attention only because of the packaging, not the specs or anything lol When I saw it, I was like “That’s cute, fine, let me get one.” (And it was on sale) I didn’t bother checking out reviews or actual swatches, I just grabbed the “best-selling” colour and went off to pay lol

The product itself comes in a long, rectangular casing that has the Play NoMore signature design printed onto it. It also has hearts, which adds up to the cute factor.


This also came in a decorated pink box like so,


The bottom of the casing and the top of the box both have details onto them as well.


The back side has details printed onto it in Korean,


Basically, it claims to have a finish that is like a gel nail polish. Healthy and glossy-looking finish, with some moisture still retained.

Another claim is that this is formulated with a “Gel Double-Layer Forming Technology” that helps this product give you all colour, gloss and moisture.

Gel Double-Layer Forming Technology:
The product has this ‘water-soluble top coat’ that helps separate the first layer (colour) from the second layer (gloss and moisture) upon application.

– It also claims to be formulated with “Oil Floating Technology”

Oil Floating Technology:
Water doesn’t combine with oil, we know that. This then makes the oil gloss of the product float above the colour, thus making the lips look vivid and highly glossed. The formulation of the oil also ensures that no sticky feeling would be left behind.

Twist the cap open then pull out to get the applicator.


The applicator is a small doe-foot, making it easy to glide onto every corner of your lips.




As you can see from the applicator, the colour is a bright and pigmented red. Having this for gradient lips would look very sweet, while having this as a full lip colour would make the look lean more towards the sexy side.

I swatched this at the back of my hand to show you the colour pay off and how the build-up is. From left to right, 1 layer-2 layers-3 layers.



As you can see, applying another coat on would leave you with a more intense colour and gloss. After some time, it started spreading out and sinking into lines, but it wasn’t so bad.It only extended out a bit.

I also ran water over the swatches to show you how it does after contact with water. It ended up looking like this,


It surprisingly did not run all over the place! I thought the colour would stick to the water and slide off. But it didn’t, and it only moved when I actually patted tissue over it to see if it would stick. I figured that no matter how long I wait, whether or not it has direct contact with water, the colour would always stick to tissues and drinking materials.

Application, feel and performance wise, this lip gel is like a 3 in 1 product to me.

1. It goes on and feels like a creamy liquid lipstick.
2. It finishes off looking like the lovechild of a lipgloss and a liquid lipstick.
3. It moisturizes like a lip balm.

Having 3 of those combined = Performance is pefect, perfect, perfect

And if you’re into adding volume to your lips without having a heavy feeling, this product is for you 🙂

Another good point is that it really doesn’t feel sticky, just like as claimed!

Longevity is okay…. as long as you don’t touch it or drink, which is pretty bad if you ask me lol Like I said, even an hour later, the colour would always end up on tissues and drinking materials. Quite an ugly and embarassing scenario, in my opinion.

But other than that, I’d say the colour and gloss would take at least two-and-a-half to three hours before the intensity tones down, depending on what you do. But even after some time, moisture will stay! 😀

Moisture power = amazing.

Overall, this is actually worth the money! 😀 It’s like getting 3 products in a tube, plus the design is cute! I love the feel, the colour and the moisturization power. The only thing is that it transfers to surfaces. I’m not entirely sure how this would work if you have dry lips in the first place, but since this has moisturizing power, it’s also worth the try and Laneige did mention that this is suitable for people with dry lips because of the lipbalm function 🙂 I won my battle against dry and chapped lips with the help of another Laneige product, and I’ll post a review on that soon too 🙂  I’ll link it here once finished 🙂



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