*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: Originally ₩18.000 but I bought it for ₩14.400

Hello, lovely readers ♡ Okay, first of all, it’s been exactly 2 months since I’ve started blogging, and I’ve reached over 1,500 views and 600 visitors. It may seem like a low count to some, but it is a big achievement for me already 휴 ㅂ 휴 ♡ Never have I thought that I’d have that kind of view count in a blog like this 휴 ㅅ 휴 Thank you so much for reading and for exploring new stuff with me ♡ Anyway-

I’m here with a skincare item for today’s review. It’s the winter season, so this product will really be useful! At first, I honestly wasn’t planning to buy this, but in the end…. I hurried back to a Laneige store few minutes after buying a Play NoMore Lip Gel, just to buy this lip mask. It’s winter, it’s on sale, and it’s pink. Why not?

Yes, I have been yet again pulled into buying something because of the packaging. This product comes in a small, pink tub. The plastic tub is frosted and leans more towards a matte feel.


It’s really, really cute and pretty.

Once you open it, there’s another small cover.


Take that off, and ta-da~ Very beautiful pink lip mask!


You also get an applicator with this. The applicator is kept in a small plastic pouch, as shown below


The applicator is pink as well. It’s a tiny, rubber spatula.Very flexible and it picks up the product really well. Also very easy to spread the product all over your lips.




The box itself doesn’t say much, but it did come along with a small paper that had claims. Basically, this product claims to:
– Softly melt dead skin cells while you sleep
– Relieves troubles that a lipbalm cannot solve alone
– Have berries as ingredients to provide lips with rich vitamins for smooth and firm lips
– Formulated with Moisture Wrap Technology to help purify the lips

Moisture Wrap Technology
Activates effective ingredients to help restore skin. It restores the skin by covering it with Bio-Polymer Mineral network, which is very much like coating your lips with a moisturizing film.

Recommended use is during the night before you sleep. Apply a thick layer onto your lips and just wipe it off the next day.

Why during night time?
Because your lips have an increased absorption capacity during this time. After all the damage that has happened during the day, the skin barrier has then collapsed. Using this moisturizing mask can help improve your lip condition for the following day.

Now that we’re done with the claims, let’s move on to the product itself. The lip mask, from the tub, looks like a wax candle.


It doesn’t feel like candle wax though. Once you pick some product up, you can already feel how creamy it is. When you apply it onto your lips, the product quickly melts and becomes spreadable.

It definitely does feel very creamy and it does feel quite thick on the lips. You can really feel that you have some coating, but hey, it feels nice because you literally feel it doing its job of moisturizing!


Once you’re done spreading, it would look like your lips has this thick glossy balm all over. It also reminds me of yohgurt lol It looks and feels like you have some yohgurt on your lips.

…is that how you soell yohgurt- i don’t know


Basically, the feel is okay. I definitely feel that I have something on, but I don’t really mind since it also isn’t very sticky. Not really a bother, for me.

As for the scent, it is light and nice. You can smell it from the tub, but it goes away once applied. It also smells like a Tony Moly tint that I used to have. It does kind of resemble sweet berries in a way, but hmm there’s another hint of some other scent to it.

The performance. The performance is amazing, and this is heaven sent! If you know me well, you’ll know that I have the world’s most horrible lip condition and that even if I know how bad my lips are, I’d still pick on them and end up making things worse. But this lip mask? Oh my goodness, it works wonders, I kidd you not! At the first use, I saw a noticeable impact the following day, but there’s still a very few tiny patches of dry skin at my outer lip. Compared to the night before, the dry skin that was left til the next morning is barely noticeable. Use a gentle lip scrub and those remaining dry patches will say bye bye and leave you with perfect lips! My lips may not have healed completely in one night (though I understand, because my lips are that bad lol), but the positive impact is still definitely bigger and more noticeable. Also, my lips did feel firmer, and somewhat looked plumper. I already have plump lips, but they still ended up looking more plump.. Not that I mind, it looks like the healthy kind of plump anyway. Oh and, no stinging and itching happened while I had this on 🙂 No irritation at all.

Overall, I love this and I definitely need (more of) this! Handy for any season, not just winter actually. Especially since I use lip makeup everyday, this product treats my lips at the end of the day and preps it for the following morning! Lip makeup definitely looked better after the care given by this mask. I just hope that I have the energy to continually use this every night hahaha So if you have dry lips, you know where to put your money on next 😉



4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK 라네즈 립 슬리핑 마스크

  1. Congratulations on the view!!! That is already a lot for a new blog 😊… this lip mask looks really interesting specially for winter time


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