*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩4.000

Eeep, long time no post, I’m so so sorry!! Huhu I myself am not used and feels bad for not continuing my daily streak of posting but huhu I’m back now and I’ll try to post a lot to make up for the loss!

Anyway, moving on to the review.

The packaging is the common, tiny tint bottle. It’s made out of sturdy plastic and its size makes it very handy.

The front has the name,


while the cap has Saemmul Tint written onto it like so,


The bottom has the simple details stuck onto it, no ingredients though which sucks


I did find their claims though, which are:
– Since it is water based, it is light, refreshing and not sticky
– Double coating system prevents lip dehydration and locks moisture in
– Natural colour
– Has clean spring water, rose extract and Vitamin E
– Masking system to give luscious taste

I like how they really have a focus on the taste too lol

Twist and pull the cap off, then there you have your applicator.


It’s actually really short and even the fuzzy applicator is small.




Though it is small, it gets the job done well. The tint glides on nicely and smoothly, so thumbs up for that.

As for the colour, it’s a vivid, strong red colour from the bottle and applicator. It goes otherwise when it comes to the lips.

I swatched it at the back of my hand; left to right is 1layer-2layers-3layers



I waited for it to dry, and it looked like;


As for the lips, the colour is not as dark as it looks from the bottle. It’s sheer and is like the shade of a cherry. It doesn’t appear very pigmented, which is fine with me since I’m digging the natural flush look hehe And The Saem did say natural anyway! The finish also is very smooth 🙂 It looks better on the lips that swatching it on other surfaces too, in my opinion.

The texture, like you’ve seen from the swatches above and like the name implies, is watery. Because of that, it is easy to blend out. And the texture, along with the colour, also allows this to be used a blush.

The performance is okay. It’s not very drying but it isn’t very moisturizing either, the tint left on the lips lasts considerably long and it barely sinks into lip lines. Oh and, no sticky feeling at all! I’m not sure if this clings onto dry patches, since I barely have any now.. But if you do have dry lips, or even if you don’t actually, it’s nice to pair this up with moisturizing lipbalm 🙂 The finish looks nicer, in my opinion. Alone, the tint looks very satin-like, plain and flat. While with a moisturizer, there’s a healthy glow and a bit more dimension 🙂

As for the taste claim….. It’s not that pleasant. It’s not as pleasant as the sweet, candy-like smell. The smell also reminds me of a syrup medicine for kids lol but anyway. The taste is quite bitter, opposing what The Saem actually claimed.

The longevity, like mentioned, is considerably good. It doesn’t wash off after a drink, and there really is a stain left on your lips. Just wait for it to fully absorb into your lips, and it would be fine from then on 🙂 Mine lasted for around 4 hours before I reapplied.

Pretty good, right? Overall, this does mostly go by its claims and I like it! It doesn’t dry and crack my lips up, the colour is nice, pigmentation is fine with me, and longevity is okay too! 🙂 I prefer this over the Tony Moly Delight Tint and the The Face Shop Lips Eat Cherry Tint. Almost the same as The Saem’s Real Tint but I prefer this one a bit more since it doesn’t transfer onto surfaces and does better when it comes to moisture power 🙂



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