*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩3.300

(sigh) I apologize again for the inactivity, but I’m done with everything that I have to do now and I can finally commit more time to this blog starting this week, so yeah 휴 ㅅ 휴 ♡ I apologize once again and no worries, I have a lot in store for you guys, so do stay tuned for that! Oh and also, I updated my ‘Contact’ page and changed my Instagram username. It is now ‘yootory’ which stands for YooRi + Story hehe because Instagram is almost like relaying a story to you guys through photos 😀

Anywaaay. I’m back with a product that I suprisingly didn’t buy because of the packaging! …. Or maybe I kind of did. Because the packaging is huge and it was f r e a k i n g cheap!! I had my doubts and was thinking maybe it’s cheap because the quality isn’t good, but I bought it anyway lol

Like any other tissue, it comes in a pack like seen above.

Except this one has a sturdy, plastic cap which I really appreciate so the tissue don’t dry out quickly


When you open it, there would be a sticker to seal in the tissue.


It says that in order to assure that the tissue wont dry out, keep the sticker in tact. But honestly, the plastic snap feels good enough. It closes well and it’s really secure, but oh well since The Saem says so.

Pull it out and there you have it, your cleansing tissues~


By the way, the side of the pack states how many tissues you get and the expiry date


It says that the sprouted brown rice will supposedly clean away any dirt off your face.


While the back has details and ingredients, mostly in Korean but like the usual, I translated them for you guys ♡


So basically this claims to do the following:
Get rid of make up and dirt from external environment
Exfoliation to tidy and smoothen up the skin
Moisturization for a more supple and healthy look

It also contains sprouted brown rice (which does the claims stated above), rice bran (makes you skin matte and radiant), rice bran oil and vitamins A and B.

The first thing that hit me when I saw the ingredients was alcohol denat. Denatured alcohol is known to make skin dry while also making the product feel weightless on the skin. I’d appreciate a light-weight product, but something drying isn’t the best option. This ingredient conflicts with the claims and other ingredients so… It would depend on you if you would risk using something with alcohol. I personally am not sensitive to alcohol, so I gave this a shot.

So it does seem like it would do me fine, and having rice as a key point only shows how this targets the brightening effect. I can’t vouch for the brightening effect because
1. I haven’t owned this for over a month
2. I use other brightening products

What I can show you, however, is how this does with removing makeup.

Honestly, my standards weren’t high up when I bought this because of the price and content comparison. But, this does pretty okay.

I swatched a couple of makeup items to show you how it works.


I laid a tissue over it for 5 seconds,


Then very gently swiped away



Hmm.. It didn’t get everything in one go, but that’s fine. I exerted a little more effort, and each swipe had everything ending up like so




So yeah, it doesn’t pick everything up in one go, but it still does remove everything cleany without leaving any icky residue behind.

The tissue itself is quite thin though, and it isn’t very soaked. But nonetheless, it erases away makeup and that’s what I need.


As for the length of the entire tissue unfolded:


Quite big enough for the face, but like mentioned.. It is very soaked, so I end up using two if my makeup is very heavy.

Also, there is no tingly feeling as I use this, nor is there a sticky film or feeling left behind afterwards. After usage, I do kind of feel refreshed but nothing too special. Not oily and not dry either. Then I would proceed to my other cleansing routine steps, because yep I’m the type who has a lot of steps in the skincare regimen.

As for the smell, it’s very gentle and it doesn’t really smell like rice….? It smells like The Saem’s Chocopie Handcream which smells like coconuts lol

The tissue itself actually is very much like The Saem’s Face Mask Sheets, which I have new reviews on coming soon!

Overall, I don’t regret buying this product because it does cleanse and I had no terrible reaction to this 🙂 And come on, ₩3.300 for 100 sheets? Who could say no to that!?

That is all for today, should you have any more questions, feel free to drop it down below, or in my instagram, or my open kakao 🙂



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