*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩1.000

Hello hello, I’m back with another mask sheet review for you guys~ This time, it’s the pomegranate mask sheet from The Saem 😀 I bought it because I heard of the good benefits that this does for the skin, and it was a 1+1 sale so might as well start trying out pomegranate items hehe

Oh and! Before I get started, I would just like to thank all of you who read through my blog hehe I got a notification saying this today:


And I’m really happy and thankful for that 😀

*By the way, I’ve review the bamboo and tea tree masks before. So if you’re interested, I’ll link the bamboo one here and the tea tree one here*

To start of, let’s go into the packaging and claims. The front of the packet is as seen above, while the back portion looks like this:


So this claims to be:
– Moisturizing
– Firming
– Free from the 5 ingredients (Paraben, Benzophenone, Silicon Oil, Artificial Colouring, Mineral Oil)
– Contains pomegranate extract and phyto nutrients

Also, I heard that pomegranate has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antioxidant aspects to it, so pomegranate is actually a pretty well-rounded ingredient 😀

The scent is thankfully better than the bamboo one. The scent of this is very nice and gentle, and it doesn’t stay as long as the bamboo one does. It leans towards the fruity kind of scent, so thumbs up if you’re into the fruity kind of smell.

The essence, like the rest, is still the watery white type. This, weirdly enough, has less essence compared to the other two that I reviewed… I don’t know why, but the essence left inside the packet is a bit less.


That’s still a lot, yes. But not as much as the bamboo and tea tree’s.

The mask sheet, as mentioned before, is a bit thicker than tissue. It doesn’t tear very easily, which is good, so you really can stretch it around for it to perfectly fit your face. The size is just as nice as the two. Like I always say, smaller than The Face Shop’s, bigger than Etude House’s. Once dried, I laid it down and here it is:


The performance, sadly, brought everything down for me. It feels the same as the rest once on, very smooth and no irritation.. However, I woke up the next morning with 2 small zits by my cheek and chin. I didn’t have them the night I tried the mask out, and nothing else changed in my skin care routine but sigh… Hello to two new zits to kill.

Overall, this is a no for me. I won’t repurchase, no matter how much I like the scent, because it broke me out. I would very much rather stick to the Bamboo one despite its strong scent.

That’s it for today, I hope you guys have an amazing December ahead 🙂



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