[LIFE] DECEMBER + HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS + COLLABORATE? 드디어 12월이다 ♡ + 홀리데이 콜렉션 & 콜라보레이션..?

It’s been 5 days since December started but anyway-

Hello hello, my lovely readers ♡

Sorry for coming back with another life post rather than a review post, but meh I’ve been consistently going on with reviews anyway. Time for a change…? Kidding, I’ll be back with a review later or tomorrow, after I test out a lip product’s longevity for the third time around :p

Anyway~ It’s finally December!!

Mouse Rabbit Cafe

My favourite time of the year ♡ Not only because it’s winter and I love fuzzy clothing, but also because Christmas and gifts and parties ♡

Aaaand. It’s the time of the year where makeup stores release holiday editions!! I’ve seen most holiday releases, but… They aren’t as… appealing…???? as the past year’s….?? I don’t know, I just don’t see them as worth buying lol But maybe I will eventually, if my friends recommend. But as of now..

Etude House – meh
Tony Moly – meh
The Face Shop – haven’t checked
Innisfree – Cute but simple and meh, not that attention-catching
Mamonde – Same as Innisfree
The Saem – literally changed their cleansing water’s design into a christmas one… I’ve done a review on that cleansing water (link here), and their christmas release is literally just a green version bottle…… Step up your game, The Saem. And I haven’t even finished my bottle!! Haha
Nature Republic – Avoiding this brand because of personal reasons lol
VOV – It does look nice actually, but I don’t really know or I haven’t really tried the brand yet, so I need to go see reviews first.
Laneige – !!!!! The most eye-catching so far! I’m going to pick up a holiday product from them as soon as I can, and I will review it for you guys quickly so you can ~if ever~ grab one as well before it runs out!

I’ll try to get a hand of as much collections so I can review them for you guys but whew I still have a lot of gift shopping to do. And my favourite band is releasing a new album, so I’ putting aside money for that too lol

Before I end this, I’m thinking of having a collaboration with anyone, I don’t know what we’d do or what tag we would follow but if you’re interested or if you have an idea, then do leave it down below 😀

Til our next exploration ☆ 유리랑 같이 시도해용!


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