[LIFE] GOOD WORDS TO KEEP YOU GOING 이 책은 읽을 만합니다 흑흑 #좋은문구

I’m back with yet again another life post lol This one is something I’m pretty excited to share with you guys because who wouldn’t want to hear some inspirational stuff, right?

Anyway. So I’m reading this book called “보여줘라, 아티스트처럼” which literally means “Show it like an artist” but the book says that the English version of this one is simply just “Show Your Work”

Hmm.. Okay then. But anyway, this book is by Austin Kleon and is priced at ₩10.350

Not bad, considering how good the content is and the book has a fair amount of pages.

The book basically  aims to help you self-promote your work. Not only to others, but to yourself also. To yourself in a way that your confidence would be boosted for the better 🙂 There are quotes and lines that will help you understand how you can lift yourself. I personally think this book is good for everybody. Students, workers, bloggers and just everyone. Everyone produces outputs one way or another, so this book is a pretty good choice if you need an extra lift.

The content is witty and sarcastic at times, but very meaningful nonetheless. The book narration and quotes are in Korean, but some pages are in English maybe because the photo can’t be editted. Open the book, and you’ll already see a message for you.


Yep. When working on an output, you don’t have to be a genius. You don’t have to do it all by yourself too. Like what a part of the book says, contribute what you can and link it with others, not only to strengthen ties but also to introduce yourself better and deeper for self-promotion. Collaboration isn’t bad, people. We’re relational beings. Prefer to work alone? You’re still relational in a way that you’re working with your computer and probably Google-

The next pages have more tips and tricks, and I do still have a couple of other scanned quotes, but ofcourse I’ll only be putting a few as to not be a spoiler.

****I apologize in advance because I might not get to mention the full names for the quote credits. Translating names from Korean to English is quite tricky since I might mispell them terribly, and that is quite offensive in many ways hehe However, if the name does sound familiar to you, please do mention it down below so I could type it down and give proper quotation.****

My first favourite one goes like this,


The quote goes like
“Whatever makes you feel excited, go and do it. Whatever drains you, stop doing it.” – 데릭 시버스 (derik sibeoseu…?)

I agree with that. Do what you love the most and ditch whatever brings you down. It may be difficult for some since what brings them down might also be the one that’s sustaining them, but you can always find a way to insert your love and passion into something to make everything feel better for you 🙂

I have a second one here that goes,


It’s basically saying that
“If a person realizes that people are actually listening to him, then the more he will tell stories” -Richard 포드 (podeu…?)

Audience makes a great impact. If they show interest, then the speaker ofcourse will be more interested in relaying his story as well. It’s like how the more traffic a blog gets, the more inspired the blogger is to put up more and better content. This is also very relatable to just life itself. If the people around you are showing negative towards you, will you stay by? No. Move away and surround yourself with happy people, things and thoughts. That’s a little way to show yourself some love. And with happiness surrounding you, the faster you will bloom. Negativity would help you grow too ofcourse, but only if it’s faced correctly. But sadly, not everyone can beat negativity successfully. As much as possible, surround yourself with the good things for a good vibe. If you need a little distraction from your negative thoughts or if you just want to completely leave it but have no place to go, my email is very much open for you to run to 🙂

And my last for this post. An English illustration from the book, which I am very sure will get the point across 🙂 As difficult as things in life may be,




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