[REVIEW] THE SAEM ECO SOUL MOISTURE GLOSS TINT in 02 COCTAIL PINK 더샘 에코 소울 모이스처 글로스 틴트 02 칵테일 핑크

*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩10.000

Hello hello!! I am back with another The Saem product review!! I’ll try to be more consistent with review posts but I have little kittens to take care of so huhu I might not have much time. But I’ll definitely review Laneige’s Lucky Holiday cushion this week! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I finally bought it hehe 🙂 Anywaaaay

So yep, the tint gloss comes with The Saem’s typical recycled box with the prints all over. The sides has claims like so,


The back has more in-depth claims printed on,


While the top has the colour swatch.


Basically this claims that it:
– Contains 46% of water formula (deep sea water & sparkling water)
– Has cooling and moisturizing effects
– Finish look looks like glossy glass
– Free from paraben, preservatives, animal materials, mineral oils

The tint casing itself is a hard, cream-coloured, plastic tube


And the back of it has the basic details as well


Twist off the cap then voila~


What I like about the cap is that it has this security click. If you hear the cap click when you close it, then you’re assured that this won’t screw open out of the blue.

I also like how the body of the applicator is transparent. I find it really cool haha


The applicator is a doe-foot one, and I usually like applicators like this but this one is an exception.



It’s fuzzy and all, but it doesn’t pick up that much product sometimes. It also glides on smoothly but I don’t like how streaky the finish is. Like, you literally see streaky lines while applying on the lips.

There are times wherein the applicator looks dry even after pulling it off the container. Unlike the first applicator photo which looks like it has a lot of product, it may sometimes look this dry


Sigh. Anyway. Moving on to the colour.

The colour is a medium pink shade that has really small specks of gold glitter. I can’t catch the glitter on camera since they’re really tiny, but here’s a swatch anyway. Left to right, 1layer-2layers-3layers


It’s like a glossy, mauve kind of pink, and it also comes off as sheer when applied on the lips. Once settled, it looks like a thin enamel lip product. The lips do look glossy, the colour looks quite natural to me, and the moisturization power is okay.

However, I do not recommend wearing layers of this on your lips in attempt of building up the colour. I personally do not like doing so because it tends to end up looking like an ugly kind of creamy gloss with all the streaky marks all over. I don’t know, it just looks so thick and icky.. Good thing is that it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all no matter how much layers you have on.

As for longevity, this isn’t the best either. After a drink or meal, the gloss is gone and the stain left on the lips looks blotchy.

I waited for more than hour before running water over the swatches at the back of my hand for 30 seconds to see how it goes after settling in, then…


For the lips, I’d say 2 and a half hours to 3 at maximum. Reapplication is very much needed because the look of this once washed out doesn’t look very appealing.

Will I repurchase? Nope. Do I recommend? Nope. Buy something else with your ₩10.000, The Saem and other brands have better lip products out there.



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