[LIFE] UPDATES + NEW RUSSIAN BLUE KITTENS ♡ 업데이트 + 우리 고양이가 새끼를 낳았다 ♡

How long has it been since I last updated?! A week?!

Huhu, I apologize deeply and I will try to come back soon! I promised to put up my Laneige Holiday Collection review last week, my review for it is ready but I haven’t had the time to import the photos huhu Also! Thank YOU so much since my traffic has been doing well despite being away ㅠㅠ Why and how… huhu I appreciate the time and attention given, guys, really..

I owe you guys an explanation as to why I was absent for long, but honestly it was just because of all the things that I have to juggle daily. I’m on break already, so that’s good and now all I have to handle are my little Russian Blues. 2 kittens arrived, making the house have 3 Russian Blues. They’re actually a couple of months old now, but it’s only recently that they’ve become more outgoing and independent from their mom 🙂 And they’re safer to play with now since they’re bigger hehe

Meet the 2 new babies! 🙂

Wendy (웬디) the silent baby




Miyu (미우) the playful baby


They’re both really fun and cuddly! ♡ I love them a lot and since it’s my first time, I just discovered how amazing it feels to have a little animal family hehe

How about you? How are you towards animals? Do you own pets? 😀 Let me know down below~



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