It’s gift giving season again! Have you thought of what to give your friends? If your friends are into beauty products, then allow me to help you out by suggesting these items that are under ₩30.000 ($30) ! 😀 Or you know, you can go buy these for yourself this Christmas


These are just item ideas that I personally think a beauty junkie would want or need. You don’t have to purchase the exact thing from the said brand, just get a grasp of the idea so shopping won’t be a hassle hehe

Nail Items:

1. Tony Moly Merry Atom Tony Nail – ₩2.100


Holiday colours plus cute holiday designs, you can never go wrong.

2. Lapcos Holiday Nail Kit – ₩12.350


This one is for those who are into more mature designs and deeper colours.

3. China Glaze Let it Snow Set – ₩9.100


Cool-tone colours with a bonus snowglobe! Pretty cute, isn’t it?

Skin Care Items:

1. It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balms – Holiday Edition – ₩29.000


Perfect for those who love both sweets and beauty! 🙂

2. The Saem Strawberry Chocopie Hand Cream – ₩5.500


I’ve done a review on this, and not only would this be a cute gift, this would also keep your receiver’s hands soft and healthy 🙂

3. Tony Moly Happy Sweet Holiday Cleanser – ₩7.000


Buy 1 get 1 Christmas-themed Cleansers? Why not?

4. Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub – ₩15.000


Lip scrubs can be messy and time-consuming, but you need it. And what better way could you get into it? Lush lip scrubs are amazing, they smell good, and hey they’re pretty tasty haha

5. The Face Shop Christmas Character Mask Set – ₩25.000


Pop in some fun into the winter skincare routine with these adorable Christmas masks!

6. The Saem Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Tissue – ₩5.500


Cleansing tissues always make a good run-to gift for beauty junkies. Beauty junkies need it, like, everyday haha.

7. Innisfree Honey Lip Balm Set – ₩15.000


Keep the lips nicely moisturized with these Innisfree Holiday Lip Balms!

Makeup Items:

1. The Face Shop Around The World CC Cushion – ₩24.900


Have a sight of New York with this new CC Cushion! It comes with a refill as well, so it’s a pretty good deal!

2. Mamonde Luminarie Creamy Tint Balm – ₩9.000


Handy tint balms? Best thing to carry around in a makeup purse, in my opinion.

3. Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint – ₩15.000


Another tinting product, but this one is obviously more Christmas-y. If the holiday look is what you’re really aiming for, then go and give this a shot.

4. Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion Holiday Edition – ₩20.000


This minimalistic BB Cushion not only moisturizes the skin, but also gives off a nice, healthy finish 🙂


1. Espoir Holiday Collection Sense of Secret Pouches – ₩14.400


It’s always safe to give someone a pouch. It can be used for makeup and a ton of other things! As for me, the things in my bag are all in envelope pouches, so these really are useful for me haha.

2. LED Compact Mirror – ₩3.870


I’ve done a review on this before as well, and I’ve also given my friend one of these, and we both love it! It’s so handy and it comes with a light that makes makeup application or retouching a lot easier!

And so yep, my list ends there. I hope you got an idea of what to give to your loved-ones this holiday season and I really hope I helped somehow. Share your thoughts down below and  I’ll be leaving with a wish that you may have a wonderful Christmas time with your friends and family♡




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