[REVIEW] LANEIGE 2015 LUCKY HOLIDAY BB CUSHION #21 NATURAL BEIGE 라네즈 럭키 홀리데이 콜렉션 비비 쿠션 #21 내추럴 베이지

*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩37.000

I FINALLY HAVE THIS UP AFTER 2 WEEKS OF BEING STUCK IN MY DRAFTS WHEW! I am so so sorry for being late, but I still do hope that this post would be helpful enough for you to decide whether or not you should go buy it. You still have some time to go run after this so go go!

(**By the way, to my Instagram followers, please do note that I have deactivated my account. That’s the reason why both your follower and following lists went down ^^**)

Anyway! So like I mentioned before, out of all holiday collections, only Laneige’s appealed to me. The rest looked pretty meh so I didn’t run after them. The Laneige one was a mix of cute and classy, coming in an adorably-designed red box like this, with some hints of gold for class


This claims to be
– Whitening
– Moisturizing
– Act as Sunscreen (SPF 50 PA+++)
– Sweatproof
– Cooling


The cushion casing is like their usual one except with a different design. I’ve always gotten Laneige’s limited casings and this one happened to have clovers printed onto it.



The sides are gold this time. Last year’s was rose gold.


When opened, it’s the usual puff and mirror.


The puff itself is not too thick, not too thin, but is definitely firmer than The Saem’s and IOPE’s.


It also does a good job on both picking up and applying the product.

There isn’t really any scent to it nor is there a very noticeable cooling sensation, but that’s more than fine to me. It’s more of a wet feeling rather than cooling.

The colour itself is just like the rest of their BB cushions. It’s literally just a different packaging.


#21 matches my skin tone amazingly well and as the name implies, it looks so natural while being in between matte and glowy. Not too glowy but there’s still a hint of the moiture look. And since it comes with the moisture glow, it can feel a bit wet or sticky for some time. This is more of those who have neutral undertones also, in my opinion. The lighter ones lean to pink tones while the darker ones are more sandy and yellow. This line has 5 shades, if I’m not mistaken..?

I swatched it on my hand with both natural lighting and flash, you can see it down below 🙂 You’ll see how the side that has BB is more glowy than the one that has none.



The coverage is okay. Buildable but I’d say medium looks best. For the photo below, I placed 2 layers on my face with no primer and concealer added to show you guys how it works alone 🙂 Above photo is bare face while lower photo has the BB on.


I have terrible pore problems, I know haha They weren’t completely covered but some of it were smoothed out 🙂

Longevity is good as well! Longer than my IOPE and The Saem one, and this doesn’t crease as much as the two do. Even without a primer, this can last me long hours without looking all caked up, and the finish doesn’t look so oxidised (The Saem’s looks very oxidised after some time). No build up or anything on the surface.

Overall, I love this BB cushion and I do recommend it! 🙂 I am once again reminded as to why I love Laneige products haha I only stopped using Laneige BB cushions so I can try and review other brands anyway. But since my IOPE has run out, and my The Saem will too any time soon, I’m going back to my fave 🙂



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