Hello everyone!!! Long time no blog!! It’s been a month since my last and heck did I miss posting! Whew. It’s been a hectic month for me but I’m back!

I’ll start off with an empties post, then I’ll go on with the Missha x Line reviews, then I’ll post more of The Saem products afterwards 🙂

For this post, I’ll show you guys the products that I’ve finished up by the past weeks 😀 In case you’re curious, most of these items were bought around September 2015-November 2015 🙂 There aren’t much, but let’s go get started 😀


1. The Saem Fresh Bamboo Relief Soothing Mist – ₩9,500


I’ve actually reviewed this before! The thing I really dislike about this is how the packaging is so bulky lol But other than that, scent-wise and finish-wise, I like it 🙂 It didn’t cause a break out, but it didn’t do much on existing spots also haha So this is a 3 stars out of 5 for me. Should you be interested in this product, let me tell you now that this has PEG, Aroma, and Phenoxyethanol. If those irritate you, stay away 🙂

2. The Saem See and Saw A.C.Control Toner – ₩10,000



This didn’t really do much to my skin, sadly. It was mild and all, but it didn’t really a notable effect. It worked/settled okay on my oily skin, I didn’t feel greasy, but this didn’t do much on trouble spots and pores. The only alarming ingredient is the perfume but hey, the scent is very calming though lol

3. The Saem Care Plus Cleansing Tissue – ₩3,300



I’ve reviewed this as well! I use this everyday, I love the scent and it didn’t break me out. It does okay with removing makeup, but still. Do a second cleansing shot after haha. Alarming ingredients are PEG 7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Aroma.

4. IOPE Intense Cover Air Cushion XP – ₩40,000


I’ve finally finished this early January and it’s just been sitting in a corner, waiting for me to take a photo for this post haha! But anyway. I bought this because people raved about IOPE. But this one isn’t the best, in my opinion. The Laneige one still is the number 1 for me. This IOPE one has fine coverage, but it ends up looking cakey much quicker than Laneige’s. As for notable ingredients, do watch out for PEG 10, PEG 9, Phenoxyethanol, and Aroma.

5. The Face Shop Core Seed Purifying Essence – ₩18,900



I actually don’t even remember why I bought this?! I feel 50 50 with this product. It didn’t do much for existing trouble spots, but at least it didn’t break me out. It works well as a moiturizer, too! My pores looked the same though so meh. Another thing is, I don’t think this would work very well on oily skin. I used this in a cold climate when my skin’s dry and it worked okay. But when it isn’t cold, it makes me feel quite greasy. Notable ingredients: PEG 9 and Aroma.

6. SkinFood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil – ₩16,000



I only started using cleansing oil late last year and holy crap, best decision of my life ever! I was scared to use oils before but I’m now thankful that I made the move. I noticed how I’d have lesser break outs. I still have a few, but they’re significantly less and smaller than what I’ve had before! It feels light, it makes the skin soft and the scent is just pleasant. This is a total repurchase for me! This has the most alarming ingredients but I still love it haha Notable ingredients: Mineral Oil, PEG 20, Colourings and Aroma.

That’s all I have for today 😀 Have you tried some of the products listed? Let me know down below! I’ll be back soon with Missha x Line reviews so do watch out for those 🙂



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