Missha X Line Friends Magic Cushion in #23 Review
*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


PRICE: ₩11.600

Hello hello, readers! I’m finally here with my Missha review! I’m putting up the BB cushion review first then I’ll get into the lip products 🙂 This would be quite a heavy post so let’s get started!


The packaging is really, really adorable!! For those who aren’t familiar with Line, Line is a messaging app and the character on the casing is one of their mascots 🙂

The packaging is actually the main reason I bought this product lmao I’ve never tried or heard much about Missha cushions, so I figured that I’ll just give it a shot. And hey, no regrets.

For ₩11.600, you get a cute casing, and 2 extra refills.


The box itself has more details at the back, like so


So this product basically claims that:
– It improves wrinkles
– It has whitening features
– It can act as a sunblock (SPF 50/PA+++)
– It can cover
– It won’t darken over time

As for what the BB is made of:
– Has silica bead powder to absorb sweat and sebum for longer lasting make up
– Has bamboo water and baobab fruit extract for moisture
– Has witch hazel extract to soothe the skin
** Has PEG-8 Dimethicone (Synthetic skin protecting agent)
** Has Cetyl PEG (Silicon-baser polymer for skin conditioning)
** Has PEG-32 (Thickening agent)
** Has Phenoxyethanol (Preservative)
** Has Aroma

**Ingredients may trigger reactions

The cushion casing itself is brown since.. well… the character “Brown” is… well.. brown.
It’s like any other BB cushion casing out there.


At the back of the casing is the BB’s basic info and claims that were mentioned above. Oh and, an expiration date. This expires 2018, but once opened, you only have 12 months to use it up.


Once opened, say hello to this cute puff!!


It has Brown still printed all over the puff!


The bottom part is the usual blue puff, no Brown face printed on this time lol

AND HEY HEY HEY I CLEANED MY PUFF FOR YOU GUYS HAHA 2weeks worth of puff-use does not look very audience-friendly.



The puff picks up a great amount of product and it does fine with blending. No complaints so far 🙂

The BB itself:


On initial patting, it would look like it’s too light, but it would end up fine after you make it set. I’m a #21 in Laneige, and the two are quite close to each other.
It feels… wetter (???) than other cushions that I’ve tried, but it doesn’t feel so sticky and the wet feeling fades off in a few minutes time.
As for the scent..  I can’t point out the exact scent, but it’s faint and I personally don’t find it too disturbing.

I have two swatches below, one with normal lighting and the other with flash. I took both photos about a minute or two after patting them into place.

Natural Lighting
With Flash

The Finish:
The finish is semi-matte, semi-dewy. It’s just in between, or more like it provides the key-points of both aspects. It’s pretty moisturizing and it gives off a decent and nice glow like how dewy cushions would. While it also does some work oily skin like how matte cushions would. So whether you’re oily skinned or dry, this would do fine.
Another thing I like about this is how it doesn’t cake much and it doesn’t look too icky over time. It’s not very thick and since the formula is thin, both application and finish is smooth. By the first layer, you can already see the brightening effect and coverage 🙂

The coverage, I would say, is light to medium and it is definitely buildable! As for me though, I’d still use concealer because.. well.. my dark circles and scars are that bad lol

I have photos below of a before-and-after comparison and a bare-and-with comparison 🙂
Do note that:
1. I did not use primer
2. I did not use concealer
3. I only placed on one layer
4..?? lol i took a picture immediately and i didn’t wait for it to fully set lmao darn it

to show you guys how this works alone 🙂

Before and After:


Bare and With:


Talk about whitening lol But it matched my skin better after a few more minutes, I swear! At first, this would make my face look whiter but it later evens out so no worries 🙂 I mentioned that earlier, right- With one layer, my scars have faded, redness has been slightly reduced and my skin has been slightly smoothened out. If you want a more satin and clear finish, then ofcourse you’d have to layer and prep 🙂 I actually took a selfie the other day with this BB on, excuse me as I find it lol

Ah. Here it is lol

No filter, No edit, Just Missha

So yep. The finish is nice and I like it. Heck, I like this better than The Saem’s and IOPE’s new one.

Longevity is good. After a few hours, it would only look shinier but still not very cakey. I’d say a good 6-8 hours, yeah. It also thank the heavens doesn’t oxidize on me and it is still true to its colour after some hours. 🙂 No to orange-y face this time for me with this cushion! It slightly cracks under my eyes after some time but that can easily be fixed so meh.

Overall, I love this cushion! For the price, this is really worth it! This is definitely in my recommendation list 🙂 Stay tuned for more Missha x Line reviews, coming soon! 🙂


Til our next exploration ☆ 유리랑 같이 시도해용!


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  1. I love Brown! I was very tempted to order the cushion online last month, but I backed off because I had spent so much money on Skinfood x Snoopy hahaha.
    You look great in the selfie, btw ❤


  2. The whole LINE collection is so cute but I heard it’s sold out everywhere? Or well it is at most online stores :< is #23 more cool-toned? I've got a more neutral undertone leaning on the yellow undertone but #21 seems very light in videos… Sighs this is so hard OTL

    1 cushion + 2 refills for ₩11.600 seems like a bargain @_@ your blog is very cute btw, it's very nice to read~~


    1. Hello hello thank you for dropping by and reading! 😀 The line was.. hm. more sold out around 2 or 3 weeks ago, but stocks are getting better now 😀 And that’s really cool, cause I’m a yellow/neutral one too! #23 works good, and #21 seemed too light for me when I swatched it >< Plus, Missha's 23 seems lighter compared to other brands' 23.. So yeah hehe if you ever get a chance, this is worth a shot 🙂


  3. Awesome review!
    Im curious to know if Missha cushion is compared to Laneige pore control bb cushion, which one would you recommend? I have oily to combination skin especially on my T-zone and am so tempted to get Missha but weary that it may not work for me.


    1. Oooohohoho that’s a tricky question. I have oily to combination to skin as well, and I love both Missha and Laneige cushions but hmmm.. Considering what I see myself using more, I’d say Missha 🙂 If you’re from a warmer climate, then I suggest that you set it with powder for extra longevity. I can go through my day, without powder, and Missha still gives coverage. With powder, it would last longer and look more matte 🙂


      1. Ooh! Superb! Didnt expect that response. Now im more confident to get Missha. Thank you sooooo much! Your tips is definately helpful. 🙂


  4. You are so gorgeous, and the product looks great on you!
    I also just received my adorable Brown cushion in the mail today. Just wanted to ask, is the mirror supposed to be that blurry? Or is mine a defect product? I get dizzy just trying to look at the mirror LOL because it’s not like an actual mirror, but just some reflective surface.


  5. ohh, I want to buy one of these cushions so badly but I love the Sally design one but I too have T-Zone oil issues, my nose and part of my forehead gets oily but my checks, mouth area and chin as super super dry.. Should I try this brown one instead then ? I’m actually new to foundations but I want to try it because I have redness issues on my cheeks. Can I put on face cream and then put on foundation?


    1. I myself actually do out on face cream before patting on foundation 🙂 Also, an oil-cutting finishing primer may help you on your problem areas 🙂 I recommend the no sebum powder from Innisfree 🙂 It’s light-weight but keeps the oil at bay for a good amount of time 🙂 Just apply it on your oily areas so they won’t shine as quickly as they usually do 🙂


      1. Oh awesome! I’ll look into that recommendation ! I just visited the website and it pretty cheap! I think I’ll definitely try it out! Thanks! 😀


  6. Great post! I am planning to buy this online but not sure which shade would be better for me. Iope XP #C21 is a perfect match for me but I’ve heard the Missha x Line Friends in #21 is lighter than other cushion compacts… do you think Missha #23 would be a better match? Thanks!


  7. I had this missha line brown cushion too and i have oily to combination skin too.
    It works well on me too more than other cushions because the sticky feeling goes away after 3-5mins 🙂


  8. I’ve been wanting to buy this cushion but i cannot decide between the chick one or the bear. Your post was really helpful..! Looking fowards for other reviews 😀


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