[LIFE] WHAT’S IN MY UNI/DAILY BAG? 왓츠 인 마이 배그 (대학생 데일리 가방 소개)

Hello hello my lovely readers ♡

I’m here with another “What’s in my ___?” post!

I’ve done a What’s in my Pouch post before, check that out as well if you’re interested 🙂 For today, I’ll be showing what I have in my university/daily bag. I made it a 2-in-1 kind of thing because… well.. I use it to uni everyday, and only a small part of it is for uni anyway lol

I’m keeping this 100% real and uncensored so please do not mind the embarassing items that will show up. I literally just pulled stuff out of my bag and immediately placed them on my photo center to take a shot haha Anyway let’s start!


My bag is this navy blue mini backpack with metal details.


I bought this at some shop in Sinchon for ₩19.500, and I just remember that I went in and bought this because it was on sale. I don’t remember the brand/shop since the name itself isn’t written in any part of the bag, but I’ll take note of the name once I visit Sinchon again and I’ll post it here incase you guys are interested 🙂

I’ll start off with the bigger zip.


The first item is my makeup pouch.


It’s still the same pouch from before, with some stuff added and changed inside 🙂

Second I have is my spray perfume from The Saem.


I love, love, love cottony baby scents. So when I saw this, I tried it out and instantly got it. Plus, it wasn’t pricey!

Third would be my flimsy notebooks lol


Bought these particular ones because… they’re thin, easily portable and… come on, it’s Hello Kitty.

Fourth item: Pen Case.


My pens are just kept in this zip-bag from Muji. Inside are..


Some Muji pens, a usb, stapler, scissors and a ruler. I’m a walking school supplies store, guys.

Next up is my wallet…


…. that seems more of like a gallery rather than an actual wallet.


Other than having money, I have my transportation card…


With a glorious front design-


HAHAHAHA okay don’t judge my taemin t-money card, sometimes daily products must be beautiful and inspirational.

I also have taemin ace photocards displayed……


… and soon enough, I’ll have his press it photocards in here…. coming soon.

Lol enough of the embarassment, moving on!!

A decent product in my bag, finally, is this Burts Bee’s lip balm.


The reason why this isn’t in my pouch is because I use this very, very often. It’s more convenient to keep it in an open pocket rather than in a pouch that I’d have to keep zipping if I want to pick this up.

Another item is my Banila Co Tint.


Why this isn’t in my makeup pouch is the same reason with my balm.

Next is my The Saem Hand Cream… that just has to be taemin-designed too.


Last for the bigger zip of my bag is my tiny bottle of sanitizing alcohol! 🙂


I am a neat-freak. Nearly germophobic. That’s why I always, always need alcohol. I use it on my hands, and I even spray my makeup after touching them. Gets quite annoying, but I can’t get rid of the habit.

Anyway, on to the small pocket in front of the bag!


There isn’t much here, actually. Just purely electronics stuff.

First, I have a powerbank! … and again.. it has something taemin to it.


How would those work without my lovely cord ♡


My cord is a stretchy, flat and transparent cord.


But other than being easy to bring and carry around, I also like it because it lights up!! Not only one stagnant light, the light changes!!


How cool is that?! I just got this from a side-street stall for ₩3.900, and I love it! 😀

Lastly, I have my earphones 🙂 I have no photo of it since my brother’s currently using them and I wouldn’t want to cut his music session just for a photo haha So just a little info on them is that they are bluetooth so I don’t really have to worry much about getting long cords all tangled. The battery life is pretty good, so a one-time charge lasts me quite a decent amount of time 🙂

And that’s all my bag has lol I can’t fit much in it, and I don’t really bring a ton of bulky stuff anyway so yeah hehe Hope you guys found this interesting, and if you want to do it as well, then I’m tagging you♡



6 thoughts on “[LIFE] WHAT’S IN MY UNI/DAILY BAG? 왓츠 인 마이 배그 (대학생 데일리 가방 소개)

    1. There is a high chance that I will be going to Sinchon on Wednesday, so I might update this by then 😀 And hehe my pen case was actually a fluffy pink one before, but I needed more space lol Thanks for reading, and I’ll definitely check out yours! 🙂

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