*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*


Price: ₩8.800
Bought from: Missha

After so long, I finally have this up here! There are a couple of reviews about this online already, but I’ll still put this up anyway to contribute some help 😀 I’ve reviewed the cushion not too long ago, and today I’ll share my thoughts on the Coloring Tint Balm

Before going in depth, here are the claims f this product:
– Melting butter complex (shea butter, cacao seed butter, mango seed butter) helps you achieve smooth application and moisturized lips
– Showcases natural-lip pigment

Also, do keep in mind that this has ingredients that might bother you and your skin
– Tocopheryl Acetate : Might irritate your skin as it is Vitamin E with laboratory-added Acetic Acid
– Colouring
– Ethyhexyl Methoxycinnamate;Octinoxate : Keeps a product from deteriorating
– Fragrance

So if those give you reactions, then you’d have to think again before trying this out 🙂

Now to go in depth!

First off, I’ll talk about the packaging.

The packaging is actually the main reason I even got into the Line Friends Edition lol As for Coloring Tint Balms, Line character “Sally” is printed onto the cap like so:


Behind both the box and the bullet are some writings:


And at the bottom would be basic details like the name and shade. As for me, I got the red shade of the line, which is named Love to You 😀


Open the cap and voila~ There goes your tint balm!



What I like about the bullet is that there’s a loud click sound that would tell you whether or not you closed the product securely. It’s pretty popping compared to other bullets, so I like it 😀

This plastic tube is also very compact and sturdy. Insert it anywhere and it would be fine. It’s not like the Line Friends Water Tint that has pretty lousy packaging 😀

Packaging, perfect score!

Next up would be the colour.
From what you’ve seen from the past photos, the tint balm actually looks like a strong red colour. Well.. It’s not.

If you want a solid, matte, red colour then this might not be for you. This tint balm is sheer, sheen, barely buildable, and the colour isn’t as dark as what I expected. So note is that do not expect to get what you see from the tube.

Shown below are swatches at the back of my hand with late afternoon sunlight. Left to Right: 1layer-2layers-3layers


As for the lips, it appears a bit stronger, like so:
** Light is the same as hand-swatch


Compared to the cherry red from the tube, application gave me and turned the colour into something like medium pink-ish with some red. It’s not exactly like the one in the tube, but the colour is pretty anyway.

I ran the back of my hand under water to see how it would do upon contact with liquid, and hey, it did pretty well! See photo below:


Colour stayed! 🙂

As for application, it’s very smooth and easy to glide on. It doesn’t feel too sticky afterwards as well. Just a really slight sticky feel due to the moisturizer but it’s not disturbing and it fades away. The sticky feel is just like the scent, now that I think if it! Faint and fades pretty quick.

Moisture power is very good. It doesn’t dry my lips and it did help moisturize my lips. While having it on, it feels like having a fair-weight lip moisturizer on. It’s not too heavy nor is it disturbing, but you definitely feel something on there.

Longevity is nice also! The shine goes on for around 2 ~ 3 hours for me, while the colour stain itself stays on for a bit longer. It does stain cups after drinking at the first hour or so as long as the shine is still there, but no worries, your lips are still coloured with a flush of red 🙂

Overall, I adore this product! It gives my lips a subtle tint while giving off a good moisturizing power. I recommend this for those who are finding a product that really does the job of both tint and balm. It’s fairly priced in my opinion, so do grab one for yourself if you’re already thinking about it 😀



8 thoughts on “[REVIEW] MISSHA X LINE FRIENDS COLORING TINT BALM IN LOVE TO YOU 미샤 X 라인프렌즈 컬러링 틴트 밤 러브투유

  1. Interesting review till the end. How about the price? Because I sure buy this if it’s affordable or reasonable once I come to South Korea as souvenir for my friends. And I really like the packaging too. Does it have the other Line’s characters?


    1. For Coloring Tint Balm, it’s only Sally as the character on the casing 😀 Considering the performance and the packaging, I’d say it is worth the ₩8.800 😀 Less than 10 US Dollars~


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