Hello hello to you, reader! If you’re new, then hey hey, welcome to my blog! But if you’ve been a follower, then you probably already know that this blog revolves around Korean beauty and lifestyle. I’m ditching the beauty side for today, and I’m back with a food post for you guys!

I was at the grocery store the other day, and I thought it wouldn’t be bad to introduce and recommend unhealthy (lol) Korean snacks, especially since most readers are foreign and Korean snack items are becoming widespread now, I believe… (??)

But yeah, if you can go out and check if groceries near you have these, then go grab some to try! 😀


1. 뿌셔뿌셔 Bbusyeo Bbusyeo (or Ppusyeo Ppusyeo as some official sites would spell it but ??? ㅃ is BB and not PP ?? ugh)


Trust me when I say that I like this genuinely and not only because of SHINee being the endorsers lol

Aight, so remember the time back when you were a kid and you were watching somebody make instant noodles, then the thought hit you.. “Can I eat the crunchy noodles raw?
… Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of stuff like that-
If you share the same thought, then this is the snack that would answer you!
Just crush the noodles inside, open the packet, then pour in the included powder flavouring!


Do not cook or boil!! Just crunch, sprinkle and eat 😀
As for me, I like the barbecue and ddeokbokki flavours hehe ♡ If you’re into spicy, then you can try those out 🙂

2. 칸쵸 Kancho
Childhood snack ahead!!


Kancho is a round biscuit snack filled with chocolate.


What I like about it is that the chocolate isn’t too strong or sweet. Too much sweetness or too strong of a chocolate flavour just makes me feel like I would quickly be too heavy or tired to eat on. Hard to explain the feeling but- I don’t feel that with Kancho, that’s why I keep eating a lot hehe.

3. 꼬깔 콘 Kkocal Corn
I’ve included this in my blog before so this won’t be a surprise to some of my readers hehe


If you’ve always wanted to try Honey Butter flavoured chips, but the Original one and the TongTong versions aren’t available, then settle for this one!
I personally find this better than the original and the tongtong ones, and heh they’re fun to poke onto and eat off your fingertips.


4. 미쯔 블랙 Miz Black
Favourite thing to nom on, hands down, would be this.


It’s light, subtle in sweetness, and crunchy in a good way. When I feel like I want to nom on something just to relieve away the boredom and not because I’m legit hungry, I always end up with this.


It tastes like a foreign cookie that I’ve tried, I just don’t remember the name huhu Or was that a cereal- I don’t remember but!! Maybe cereal though since Miz, too, gets used as a cereal by many people.

5. 데미소다 Demisoda
Now, with all the eating that you’ve done, you deserve a refreshing drink to come with those. Say hello to my personal favourite!


Demisoda has a lot of flavours but grape ended up as my favourite.
Who knew carbonated soda plus grape juice tasted addicting, though, really? It didn’t appeal to me before but look at me now haha
It’s better than any other “carbonated fruit sodas” that I’ve tried so yep, I’m sticking to this if I don’t have my water or aloe drink. 🙂

And so we’ve come to the conclusion of this post- I hope you guys discovered new things to find and try, and I hope you like them just like how I do 🙂 Do try them out for experience unless.. you know.. you’re a healthy eater or if your tradition opposes hehe That’s all ❤ Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “[LIFE] 5 KOREAN SNACKS TO TRY OUT 한국 과자 추천

  1. Omg the first one, just last week, my friend and I thought it was one of those spicy Korean noodles so I boiled it TT v TT Later did I find out that it is actually a snack xD My friend was so shocked xD

    Love this post! 🙂 I keep on seeing the fourth one in Korean groceries here and your post got me interested 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yeah, thank you for posting this, Yoori. I have references now. We have something like “뿌셔뿌셔 Bbusyeo Bbusyeo” to, just in case someone really want to eat raw those instant noodles. 😀
    anyway, I’m waiting for another food related posts. Maybe your favourite cafe, or street hawker food.
    Thank you for minind my demanding requests. 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m arriving at May 13, 2016, going to spend about 11 days around South Korea, Seoul and Jeju and few regions in the middle. Do you live in Seoul?


      2. I live just a bit outside of Seoul 🙂 About an hour away but reachable by subway 🙂 Just tell me when your free dates are and I’ll try to get to you 🙂 I’m going to be enlisting for university around that time and my break ends last week of May, so yeah 😀


      3. Okay noted. I’m excited in meeting you. It looks like I will have some interesting time. 😀 😀
        Yes, good news then. I’ll contact you, once I finished my itinerary. I want to experience the best of Seoul. 🙂 and South Korea in general. 🙂


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