Hey hey hey, welcome back to With Yoo Ri, the blog where The Saem reigns

lol kidd. If you’ve been a follower, welcome back and yes I am back with something related to The Saem. If you’re new, then hey hey, welcome to my blog and in here, you’ll notice that a lot of my stuff are from The Saem.

Yes, I know that my desk is filled with The Saen Items… I know my attachment is pretty obvious..

So with that, I’m here to show you guys some products that I recommend 😀 This is going to be a pretty long post, so bear with me and I hope you enjoy 😀
** Products are not in order of how I favour them.**


1. Mojito Cooling Water Mist


Very refreshing, citrus mist, you guys. No sticky feeling and it gives some moisture.

2. Face Masks


I’ve done quite a number of reviews on this, and I’ve only been let down like once or twice (twice if you consider how I was turned off by the smell).

3. Honey Sugar Lip Balm


If you’re in search for a natural, light-coloured tint balm that gives good moisture, this is the way to go.

4. Honey Lip Essence


Included this in my night time routine so I wake up with moisturized lips hehe

5. Healing Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water


The Saem’s Best Seller and a lot of Korean beauty gurus’ holy grail. No break outs, no oily feeling, decent cleansing power. Add in that it smells pretty calming.

6. Chocopie Hand Cream


Gotta admit, the packaging is what made me buy this. But hey, the performance is good too!

7. Perfumed Hand Cream


The Saem’s hand creams are good but they surprisingly aren’t getting much attention. They smell good plus they work nicely, so it is worth a shot.

8. Eco Soul Henna Liner


Another thing The Saem is good with. Eyeliners. The Saem’s liners don’t really smudge quickly for me. And to think that I have oily lids… I’m surprised their liners hold on well.

9. Saemmul Chok Chok Lip Balm


For those who want a sweet colour and treat for the lips, this one’s for you!

10. Urban Eco Harakeke Toner


Being oily skinned myself, I got attracted to this because of its gel consistency and claims. It’s very gentle and like the rest of the products from the Harakeke line, this leaves the skin pretty moisturized.

11. Cover Perfection Tip Concealer


Holy grail roadshop concealer, guys. If you’re in search for a cheap concealer, get from The Saem. Their concealers are good, and a lot of people swear by it.

12. Essential Tint Balm


Non greasy and very moisturizing with a nice, lasting tint. I reviewed this recently, so go check that out if you want to know about this more 🙂

13. Kiss Button Lips in Perfect PT


Did I buy this because Taemin endorsed it? Maybe. Partly. But also because the colour is pretty. The finish is nice too. The oerformance is just amazing overall. And if I remember correctly, I think this is one of the first roadshop push-type lipsticks…? I’m not sure, but push-types did boom after this came out.

14.Single Shadow in Beige Glitter


Very nice for everyday makeup. If you’re like me who’s into subtle colours and glitters, then this is a good choice.

15. Volume Beam Highlighter


When you’re too lazy to get a separate brush for your highlighting, then might as well just get this one. Tube filled with liquid, natural shimmered highlighter, and topped with a brush. Convenient, isn’t it? … Minus the fact that I’m not sure how you can clean the brush up.

16. Any Perfume Spray in Cotton Baby


My everyday perfume! It smells so good and gentle! It’s like a baby scent hehe And trust me, the amount of “Yoo ri, you smell really nice” comments that I get- priceless.

17. Saemmul Wrapping Tint


I for one am not fond of wrapping tints but this makes as a good base, to be honest. Put this on, peel it off, apply a lighter lip colour at your outer lip and you’d end up with a good gradiet lip.

18. Saemmul Real Tint


Water tints aren’t the best when it comes to moisture, so be sure to pair this up with a lip balm. The colour is pretty, the stain and longevity are okay too.

19. Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Foam


If you’re in for a gentle face cleanser, then this one is good. It didn’t break out my skin, and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

20. Nail Polish


The Saem has a wide variety of nail polish, and they have this one particular line that happens to be scented and sweet heavens, the scent is addicting. It makes putting on nail polish not disturbing to the nose anymore. It’s the Saemmul Vivid Nails line, the white one in the photo above 🙂 I haven’t tried all polishes from that line, but of all Saem nail colours, this line has the best smelling items. If you’re dropping by at The Saem, try these out. Your nose will thank you later.
The rest of the polishes shown aren’t from the Vivid Nails line, and they don’t smell that good, but their finish is nice too 🙂 For Candy Nails, you get like a sandy… sugary… finish, and it oddly feels nice. I don’t know man, the texture just satisfies me lol As for the ones with Korean phrases, they’re just nice glitter add-ons hehe

My list ends there and that’s all for today 😀 I hope you discovered something new from this~ Let me know down below if you’ve tried any of these or if you’re going to try them! 🙂


12 thoughts on “[LIFE] 20 THE SAEM PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS 더샘 추천템들

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand until I read your post, now I must purchase it and try it out! I had to look twice at the chocopie one haha…Would you say it’s cheaper than a’pieu or etude?


    1. It’s a bit more expensive then A’pieu, and generally at the same range as Etude. 🙂 Some of The Saem’s skincare are more expensive than items from both A’pieu and Etude though


  2. So lovely post.
    Yes, you mentioned before the Kiss Button Lips in Perfect PT was endorsed by Taemin. I commented on it too (if I’m not mistaken).
    Btw, I like the nail polish. How much the price for a nail police? Since someone already asked me to buy nail polish from Korea ( I love applying nail polish too), even though I my trip still a month ago. And those lip balms are alluring.


      1. Ah, I see. Great. I think I could bring back home few of it. Kekekeke.
        Speaking of it Yoo Ri, I’ll be arrived in Seoul on May 13-15 and will stay around Hankuk Univ. area and May 20-23, and I will stay around Sillim area, If you have free time, we can hang out for a drink or two or seeing those the seam things 😀 😀 along with my host. I do some couchsurfing and both of them are collage students. 🙂 🙂


      2. Those dates are mostly on weekends. 🙂
        Great. Just let me know.
        I’m curious about the night ambiance in South Korea as well.


  3. Thank you so much for the lovely introductions to all these products. I haven’t heard of Saem until maybe like 1 year ago? It seems like they just popped out of nowhere! Seems like they have a lot of cool products.


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