It’s Spring time and you know what that means! Sakuras are out and blooming, and streets get filled with beautiful, pink petals. Cherry Blossoms don’t last so long on trees, so I was lucky enough to be able to see some while in Japan.

As of today, I still saw one tree with some Cherry Blossoms in a corner at Harajuku.


With Sakuras being the highlight of the season, stores and brands are releasing Sakura flavoured items for a limited time. You read that right, Sakura flavoured. Sakuras are edible and they are used for food flavouring and colouring. I tried out some of Japan’s Sakura flavoured items, from drinks to chocolates, and damn those were good! Read through down below if you want to see some and hear my thoughts on them 🙂

1. Sakura Ice Cream at Ueno


I was actually just walking around Ueno when I saw a roadshop selling ice cream. It was chilly but I still wanted to try Sakura ice cream. No regrets, it was really unique and good! It had little leaf (?) pieces in the ice cream but the leaves itself didn’t have a taste. The ice cream was creamy and it had this floral, light cherry taste to it. There wasn’t any distinct floral scent, but the taste was there.  I must say by now that Sakura flavour is hard to explain as it is unique. Just long story short, expect a floral taste to overtake the cherry taste that you thought would be prominent.

2. Sakura Fizz Float at Mcdonalds



Mcdonalds rode along the bandwagon and released Sakura items as well! They have a Teriyaki Sakura Burger and this Sakura Fizz Float. I only got the float for now, and.. wow. First thing’s first, this is actually really good. Second, unlike the ice cream earlier, this one has a more obvious cherry taste. There’s a sprite and cherry combination, and it tastes sweet and nice. The blending is just right, I was surprised it turned out delicious. From what I remember though, this is a Cherry Blossom Cherry Soda, so that’s pretty much why the cherry flavour is prominent here 🙂

3. Sakura Matcha KitKat


This might just be my favourite chocolate already haha Probably after Royce but anyway- When it’s about KitKat, then yeah, this is my number one and favourite flavour. Japan has a lot of unique KitKat flavours, and this Sakura one is my new fave and I definitely recommend this. I suggest you try it and it also makes a good gift for your loved ones at home 🙂 The taste is legit half-half sakura and matcha.


Upon biting, the taste would be matcha. After a while, you’ll get to taste the subtle sakura flavour, and the mixture between the two flavours is just so good. Definitely recommended!

Starbucks, Pepsi and Haagen Dazs also released Sakura flavoured items, but their products are kind of hard to attain. As for Starbucks, I.. tried their Chocolate Brownie Matcha instead of Sakura one huhu But yeah, that’s all I have for today and I hope you liked this post. Thank you for reading! 🙂


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